Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Blowhard Bill is another one unable to differentiate between religious dogma and science

Bill Donohue
If you read Blowhard Bill Donohue's review of the Catholic Church's denial of sexual reality, you would think that the Church just invented gravity:
The Congregation for Catholic Education has published the most brilliant and authoritative document on the sexes that is currently available. It literally tears to pieces the fatuous claims of gender ideology. Fortunately, it does not water down its account by trying to appease its critics.

“Male and Female: He Created Them” is not only the title of this work, it accurately conveys reality. God did not create mere human beings. No, he created two very different, yet complementary, sexes.
Calm down Blowhard Bill. First of all, Catholicism is an ideology. The existence of gender is a scientific fact. Belief systems are based on faith. Science is based on evidence. Trying to make evidence disappear with faith-based dogma is not only futile but downright stupid.
The document takes aim at gender theory, which, it says, “denies the difference and reciprocity in nature of a man and a woman and envisages a society without sexual differences, thereby eliminating the anthropological basis of the family.” Such a vision postulates the absurd notion that “human identity becomes the choice of the individual, one which can also change over time.”
The only usage of the term “gender theory” that I have seen is by the current pope. Gender is not a theory. It is a scientific reality. All this damned noise because about one-half of one percent of the people on the planet have a conflict between gender and biological sex. When that conflict occurs, gender is controlling. That, too, is a scientific reality based upon a mountain of evidence.
The document notes how gender ideology developed in the 20th century. It celebrates the “freedom of the individual,” emphasizing that “the only thing that matters in personal relationships is the affection between the individuals involved, irrespective of sexual difference or procreation which would be seen as irrelevant in the formation of families.” To put it mildly, this position is sociologically illiterate.
The only one who is illiterate is Blowhard Bill because of a failure to even entertain concepts that he thinks will disagree with Catholic dogma. The statement is preposterous. It is like saying that internal medicine developed in the 20th century with the advent of X-ray technology. Transgender people have existed since the dawn of time. They were a known part of ancient Egyptian and Hindu cultures, for example. It is only in the 20th century that medical science gained an appreciation for the condition now known as gender dysphoria.

Donohue goes on at considerable length as if this document was a gift from his god. He concludes:
It cannot be said too emphatically that any Catholic who is at odds with this document is at odds with more than just the Catholic Church. He is at odds with nature, and nature’s God.
Fortunately, most U.S. Catholics are not like Blowhard Bill. They know that being at odds with this document means that they favor science over religious dogma.

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