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Dear Tim: If you use a term then know what the hell it means

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Tim Wildmon
The intellectually challenged Tim Wildmon has some hate for sale.
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Monday, I have a new missive from Tim Wildmon, president of the hate group, American Family Association. It is titled: Cultural Marxists don't want truth to prevail. Uh-huh. Tim is not exactly an intellectual powerhouse. Tim's sons, Walker Wildmon and Wesley Wildmon are 2-watt bulbs. They are AFA's future. I digress.

Cultural Marxism is, by definition, an irrational political movement based on falsehoods promoted as real truth. Which of the following is more likely to be representative of cultural Marxism? Or does Tim think that it has a universal meaning for anything that he does not like?
  • The quest for LGBTQ equality is based upon evidence-based scientific fact that our sexuality is not a choice or;
  • Evangelical Christian bigotry towards LGBTQ people is faith-based belief comprised of a combination of Bronze Age texts of dubious provenance and mysticism.
Deeper and deeper into the well of ignorance:
For four years, Jamie Shupe was a man who lived as a woman. His journey to become the first American to obtain a "non-binary status" under U.S. law was famously chronicled in an article that appeared in the New York Times. He was, of course, celebrated by the "progressive" left as a hero.

But eventually, Shupe rediscovered the truth, and he now calls the transgender movement – and the claim that gender is simply what an individual says it is – a "sham," "fraud," and "swindle."
I do not think that I would use Mr. Shupe as an example of anything. The retired Army tank mechanic was married and he has a child somewhere. According to Shupe, describing his life circa 2013: “I was in a deep, dark depression because I had boxed myself into this male identity that I couldn't stand anymore.” He further said, with equal certainty: “I told family members, we either let me out of this box or I'm shooting myself in the head. Things really got that bad.”

Shupe took hormones and transitioned but he still was not happy. He felt that he could not be a complete woman with male genitalia and he did not want surgery. Shupe petitioned an Oregon court and was granted status as a non-binary person in 2016.

Shupe still was not happy. He claims that he is still non-binary but he has recently decided to live as a man.

Contrary to Mr. Wildmon's insistence, Shupe was never a hero. He is a deeply troubled individual who, I suspect, has never had the behavioral health counseling that he required due to the fact that he was in the armed forces.
Tim seamlessly moves on to gay people:
The cultural Marxists don’t want truth to prevail. How did we get to the place where even the most ridiculous violation of common sense and decency becomes a "righteous" cause worthy of overturning thousands of years of shared morality?

AFA is fighting back against this dangerous agenda. I have prepared a resource to help people like you be informed on this issue. For a generous donation of any amount, we will send you The Bible and Homosexuality, Vol. 1: Interpreting the Scriptures.
Wildmon is usually wrong but never uncertain. While we are at it, I have a treatise titled: The Bible and the Solar System: Interpreting the Scriptures. Don't like that one? Well, how about The Bible and Slavery or The Bible and Ritual Murder? What was it that Wildmon said about “ridiculous violation[s] of common sense?”
The devil makes us do it:
And wouldn't you think that when radical homosexual activists won the right to legally marry, they would be satisfied? Oh, no. They are not satisfied – and will never be.

You see, we are in a spiritual war – an assault on the divine model of human sexuality, gender, marriage, and family.

And the creator of this sexual anarchy is the devil, and he won't stop until this divine model is twisted, ruined, and destroyed – and America along with it!
It's war, you see. Seven years ago the same schmucks were batshit crazy over Ellen's J.C. Penney commercials. They got even more pissed off when J.C. Penney refused to listen. They claimed that Clorox was “attempting to use sex to sell a product to unclog drains.” They had another shitfit over an Archie comic book that was guilty of “homosexual indoctrination.”

Decency? These are the assholes who employ Bryan J. Fischer. That foul-mouthed creature is not only a loud, anti-LGBT bigot. He is openly antisemitic and Islamophobic.

Let us go back to Ellen for a moment. The mere presence of an openly gay woman in a commercial was staggeringly offensive to the Tupelo Twits. And they have the temerity to attack the Southern Poverty Law Center for listing them as a hate group.
Bigotry? No, it's Christian love:
Now, I understand that in our cultural context these issues of sexual orientation and gender can challenge Christians, since we are called to "speak the truth in love" (Eph. 4:15). After all, so many of us have been touched in our own families or churches by these heartbreaks.
If a parent is heartbroken over an LGBT child they should stop listening to idiots like Wildmon. They should show real love by loving that child for who he or she is.
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Meeting that challenge begins by understanding what the Bible says about homosexuality. The AFA DVD I want to send you this month does just that and more.

In appreciation of your faithful support, I want to send you The Bible and Homosexuality, Vol. 1: Interpreting the Scriptures. Complete the donation form and I'll send this resource to you right way.
I thought about sending them a few dollars. Then I thought about actually sitting through the DVD. Then I thought about taking notes. Then I thought about writing about the DVD. Then I decided to save a few dollars.

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