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Jennifer Roback Morse blames LGBT people for anti-LGBT violence

Jennifer Roback Morse
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Fundamentalist Catholics cannot simply ignore Pride Month. Hate Group Leader Jennifer Roback Morse (Ruth Institute) finds an outlet for her bigotry at Heritage Foundation's blog. According to Morse on Monday: Survivors of the Sexual Revolution the News Media Will Ignore During ‘Gay Pride Month.’ Morse knows what others will, or will not, do because she has unique supernatural capabilities achieved through prayer.
June has been declared “Pride Month,” and we’re supposed to celebrate those “coming out” and living a “gay” life.

June 12 will mark the third anniversary of the Pulse gay nightclub mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, that left 49 dead. Some will no doubt connect those two things to claim America hates people who have same-sex attraction and to make new demands for affirmation of homosexuality.

But that’s not the only lesson one could draw from these events. The media will not tell you this, but in the aftermath of the Pulse massacre, some survivors began to give their lives to Jesus Christ.
Morse thinks that the world revolves around her and fellow adherents. Pride Month is about us not her. She is not “supposed” to do anything. Pride is a positive demonstration of community. I am a proud gay man. What that means is that I am proud of who I am and what I have achieved. Being gay is no more relative to my self-esteem than my blue eyes. Pride is an affirmation of who I am and serves as encouragement for others to come out if they are LGBT. There is much more. “Pride” serves as an organized effort to push back against discrimination, anti-LGBT violence and persecution.

We all know about the two self-promoting people who survived the Pulse Nightclub massacre. Jennifer Roback Morse lacks the introspection to consider that anti-LGBT hate groups, like hers, are directly responsible for some of the violence perpetrated against LGBT people. Claiming that these two individuals survived the sexual revolution (as she has), Morse is blaming us for the violence directed at us due to our sexuality.

Those two individuals, Angel Colon and Luis Ruiz, are like most supposedly ex-gays. They have an economic interest in claiming to be ex-gay and enjoy the attention that they have attracted. Their claims are about them — not us. Morse is perfectly willing to exploit these circumstances which include the 49 people who were murdered to advance her religious agenda. Morse is shameless as long as she believes that she conforms to the catechism of the Catholic Church.
Elizabeth Woning, one of the organizers of the Changed project, spoke at the Ruth Institute’s recent SSummit [sic] for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution on April 26 and 27 in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

She says that the “born gay” narrative is “largely a gay male narrative.” Some women become comfortable with loving other women as a result of being molested by men. The “born gay” narrative most emphatically does not apply to these women’s experiences.
Elizabeth Woning is a cultist who is a affiliated with the highly controversial Bethel Church in Redding, CA. Bethel operates out of a $100 million campus and its leaders are treated like royalty. Bethel is extremely secretive about its operations and, as a church, it is not required to file an annual report with the Internal Revenue Service.

Bethel Church promises healing. They have Healing Rooms and they heal remotely via television. The blind have regained sight, the lame have walked, stage four colon cancer disappears. Multiple sclerosis: gone. Those are the claims. For some reason a disproportionate number of healings are for the cure of plantar fasciitis (heel pain). The leaders of Bethel Church are common grifters.

As for Elizabeth Woning, she runs the church's enterprise, Equipped to Love which is a pray-the-gay-away/conversion therapy operation. Woning is a graduate of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Very impressive. Woning is a fraud and a thief. If she wants to submit financial and other records that prove otherwise I would be happy to apologize.

These are the crackpots, cashews and cranks that Jennifer Roback Morse uses in an attempt to prove something. Conversion therapy is essential to the religious right. The supposed ability to change one's sexuality is the principal lever that people like Morse use to promote bigotry and to oppose nondiscrimination measures. Behold the proof as Morse continues:
But you’re not likely to hear about Woning in the news media coverage of Gay Pride Month, nor about Colon, in the coverage of the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub massacre.

That’s because their stories do not fit the grand narrative:
  • Everyone who experiences same-sex attraction was “born gay.”
  • “Sexual minorities” cannot change. They can neither live an abstinent lifestyle, nor a heterosexual one.
  • Embracing an LGBT identity and a sexually active life is the only “healthy” choice for them.
The experiences of people such as Colon and Woning provide a stark counternarrative [sic] to those claims. That’s why you won’t see them interviewed on major TV shows or featured in puff pieces in major magazines.
Responding to this drivel is tedious. You won't hear about these people in the media because they are crackpots, cashews and cranks.

Morse's list is an attempt to verify Catholic teachings. It has nothing to do with medical science. Morse's PhD, by the way, is in economics.

Regarding those bullet points, born gay is a red herring. Sexual orientation is formed by around age two. There is no proof that gay people can become straight or that gender identity can be changed. Efforts to do so are potentially harmful without an upside. If people are LGBT, medical science is pretty universal in asserting that the healthiest option is to accept who they are.
Morse has a nutty book to sell:
In my book, The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives and How the Church Was Right All Along, I show how today’s LGBT activists have their roots in the Sexual Revolution. …
Sure. This goes on ad nauseum. Eventually:
We will no doubt be hearing plenty of stories about anti-gay violence and the need for more protections for the LGBT community during “Pride Month.” But when you hear those calls, remember there’s more to the story than the mainstream media are reporting.

Remember Colon and all the contributors to the Changed project. …

They deserve a platform, too..
And there you have it, again. According to Jennifer Roback Morse, violence can be prevented and protections become unnecessary if people would only pray the gay away or submit to conversion therapy. According to the link within Morse's narrative, the Changed project is not a project at all. It is an attempt to sell an $18.00 book about the ability to change one's sexual orientation.

As for that “platform,” the link goes to:
Sell some stuff — change the world. Uh huh.

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