Friday, June 7, 2019

Let them destroy each other

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American Family Association, an anti-LGBT hate group, offers up: Evangelicals to Trump: On LGBT issue, 'you've got to pick a side.' Trump does not even get a “President” Trump. Trump's sin was crassly acknowledging Pride Month on Twitter, the Official American News Agency©. Crass because the Trump administration has been consistently anti-LGBT and his tweet was an obvious attempt to garner some support for his 2020 campaign.

If we have learned anything from Trump it is this: Trump only cares about one thing — Trump. Everything that Trump does is for the benefit of Trump. If it doesn't benefit Trump then Trump doesn't do it. While Trump's stance on immigration is partially fueled by his inherent racism, Trump knows that it attracts a segment of society that believes brown people are determined to steal something from white people.

Getting back to AFA:
“Mr. President, you can't play it both ways.” That's the message to Donald Trump from a conservative evangelical leader when it comes to LGBT Pride Month.

Speaking Thursday on American Family Radio, Dr. Michael L. Brown took issue with President Trump's recent tweets acknowledging LGBT Pride Month.

“I wrote an article saying, 'Mr. President, don't do this. You're going to alienate the people most important to you and you're not going to win over the gay and lesbian community,'” Brown said. OneNewsNow columnist Bryan Fischer made essentially the same argument earlier this week.
It is a crackpot duet. Michael Brown and Bryan Fischer form a mental health challenge that Freud himself could never figure out.
While Trump has stated that he has no problem with same-sex "marriage," he had been silent regarding Pride Month in previous years.

Michael Brown"In my mind, he's consistent on one level in that he likes gays and lesbians, that he's got no issue with 'gay marriage,'" continued Brown. "He fights against this stuff when it infringes upon our liberties and [when it] pushes back against our Christian values – but you can't play both ends. It's just not going to work."
Can they really be that stupid? Trump says whatever it is that he thinks people want to hear at the moment he says it. Trump has no core. He is a narcissistic sociopath. Don't they get it? I heard Michael Wolff (Siege: Trump Under Fire) say that everyone who has ever had any dealings with Trump comes away with the feeling that there is something wrong with this guy.
In his column on Tuesday, Bryan Fischer tackled what he calls the "repeated conflict" between religious liberty and the homosexual agenda:
"In those showdowns, one side of the other has to win. Either constitutionally protected rights of religious liberty will win or purely manufactured 'rights' will. On this issue, it is simply impossible for everybody to get what they want. President Trump, just like everybody else, is going to have to pick a side."
I find it hard to believe that anyone still has the temerity to refer to The Homosexual Agenda™. That would be AFA's Chris Woodward who wrote this idiotic piece that would not pass muster as a seventh grade term paper.

Mr. Fischer, deranged as he is, doesn't understand that the constitutionally protected right is limited to Free Exercise. Nor does he accept that Free Exercise is balanced by the Establishment Clause. Of course Fischer will claim that the Establishment Clause means something other than what it precisely says.

Trump, Fischer, Woodward and Brown. A collection of stale fruitcakes.

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