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Some anti-gay mythology never dies - UPDATED

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I have no idea who, or what, Don Boys is. Boys is complaining that Newsweek “slandered” him which is inaccurate per se because slander is oral defamation. Written defamation is libel.

Boys claims to have a PhD from Heritage Baptist University. Perhaps that is Heritage Baptist College in Indiana (where Boys resides) which is: a) Unaccredited and; b) Not offering post-graduate degrees. According to the US Education Department there is no accredited post-secondary school beginning with Heritage Baptist.

Update: I am informed that Heritage Baptist University merged with Indiana Baptist College. That does not improve the legitimacy of Boys' claimed PhD because Indiana Baptist College is not accredited. I that is the source of Boys' doctorate he can use the certificate for toilet tissue.

The absence of a legitimate PhD is less important that the attempt to mislead people.

According to this genius:
The author suggests I was offensive because I mentioned that homosexuals don’t live as long as normal people. Well, that may be offensive but it is also a fact. However, most main stream [sic] journalists deal in fantasy, falsehood, and fiction—not facts. They have an agenda that must be disseminated without regard for reality.

Homosexuals die about 20 years earlier than normal people because their lifestyle is actually a deathstyle. The human body was not made to endure violent attacks—their use of illegal drugs; their autoerotic playtime; their bondage and sadomasochism; their fisting; ad nauseam—all shorten lives. After all, if eating fried foods will shorten your life, living the dangerous, diseased, and depraved life that many homosexuals live will kill quicker than friend [sic] chicken.
Aside from the fact that this guy needs an education about what the overwhelming majority of gay people do — and don't do, the 20 year shorter lifespan is probably a stale leftover from Paul Cameron. Cameron's “methodology” was a review of obituaries. Very sound. The disgraced psychologist, who was ejected from membership in the American Psychological Association, also announced in 2007 that “married lesbians lived to age 56 and married gay men to age 52.”

Cameron is wed to numerous anti-gay tropes. Suffice it to say that none of his “research has been published to a respected academic journal with robust peer review. Then there is this from Mr. Boys:
The word [sic] claims suggest that my assertion about the promiscuity of homosexuals is not true when everyone with an I.Q. equivalent to his ring-size knows it is true. It’s like saying some people claim the earth is round.

The hit piece suggested that homosexual promiscuity is dubious, so let me be clear: no honest, informed, and sane person disagrees, debates, or even sees a need to discuss the issue—homosexuals change partners as often as they change socks—almost.
I must be missing out because I had one sexual partner over 30 years. Boys provides a “basis” for the claim:
A 2006 study of 2,294 homosexuals in the homosexual magazine The Advocate reported that 248 men admitted to having more than 300 sexual partners with fewer partners for the others.
Boys' source seems to have been a 2006 piece by Peter LaBarbera whose hate site provides a link to The Advocate which does not say what Porno Pete claims it says. That is understandable because, according to LaBarbera, his piece was:
Excerpted from Surveys Reveal Sex Practices of Homosexuals, published Sept 15, 2006, by Agape Press:
That is a dead link. Agape is an online news source.

Gasbags deflate slowly:
…was careless in his use of purporting. He used the wrong word because I did not purport—claim or assert or allege to cite “the largest study ever conducted” that revealed that 23% of homosexuals “participate in golden showers.” I cited the report and received no rebuttal.

He was trying to denigrate the study without dealing with it which is common among desperate people. The Gay Report was done by Karla Jay and Allen Young and involved 4,400 respondents. Homosexuals admitted to their usual vile practices, and homosexual leaders have been criticizing it from its publication. What critics never reveal is that both Jay and Young were “gay!”
The claim (about golden showers) is preposterous. Mr. Boys is profoundly confused. Before we get to the contents of any study there are some basic questions to resolve:
  • How was it published?
  • Was it subjected to rigorous peer review?
  • Do the researchers have sufficient erudition in the subject?
  • Are there any conflicts of interest disclosed in the full text? If so are they material and likely to cause selective observation?
Studies which are not published to a mainstream academic journal which subjects articles to peer review are, in my estimation, junk science unless proved otherwise.

The Gay Report was published over 40 years ago. It is not presented as a study. It is a book. The complete title is: The Gay Report: Lesbians And Gay Men Speak Out About Sexual Experiences And Life. It is anecdotal and, obviously, not subjected to peer review. I have no idea how they recruited people to participate which would have been challenging in the 1970s. Dr. Karla Jay, a former English professor at Pace University is well regarded in women's and LGBT circles. Allen Young was a reporter.

The main point is that one cannot derive reliable statistics from anecdotes. Moreover, Boys is using the present tense “participate” which suggests regularly or routinely. I am skeptical of Boys' claim.

Again, I must have missed out on something because I have neither provided nor received a golden shower.

I have not read the book and, I suspect, neither has Mr. Boys. I seriously doubt that it concludes that about a quarter of gays indulge in “golden showers.” More importantly it is irrelevant to anything other than Boys' efforts to disparage gay people. Gays have no monopoly on kink. We do not judge heterosexuals according to the activities of people involved in sado-masochism.

Apparently Hemant Mehta wrote about Boys' original piece which was quoted at Joe My God:
The Friendly Atheist piece gives support to the would-be censors out there who want to eliminate bad writing. The blogger is Hemant Mehta whose claim to fame is “selling his soul on eBay.” He titled his blog, “Christian Bigot: Pete Buttigieg Can’t Be President Because Gay People Die Young.” Hemant is right in calling me a Christian but completely wrong using the B word. Evidently, he is infected with the virus that makes leftists lash out rather than support their position. Accusations are much easier to make than answers and argumentation. Hemant probably doesn’t even know he is infected. Tragic.
Boys is a bigot. He is smearing gay people with unreliable data and poorly sourced material. Boys disapproves of gay people because of his religious beliefs. Religion is a belief system based on faith. The science which Boys seeks to introduce is supposed to be based on evidence. Observations of obituaries are not evidence. Anecdotes are not evidence.

Overall, gay people are probably as healthy — and boring — as heterosexual people. We raise kids who are healthy and happy. Our marriages are as sturdy or fragile as so-called traditional marriages.

There are two caveats to our health. In the United States, there is a higher incidence of HIV in the gay community than among the general population. The presence of the virus is unrelated to sexual orientation. In other locales like sub-Saharan Africa, HIV has been spread by heterosexuals. Unprotected sex by anyone is risky. It is riskier for gay people.

Of greater importance, at least for me, is the fact that prejudice and persecution are extremely unhealthy for gay people. It takes a real toll on our lives. Mr. Boys is a purveyor of such prejudice.

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