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The Peter is Having One of His Delusions

“Unlike most straw men, LaBarbera is a self-manufactured convenience.”
He hangs upside-down and produces disproportionately massive amounts of crap.
Hate Group Leader Peter LaBarbera (Americans for Truth About Homosexuality) has sent out an email titled: Rally Against Obergefell and (Fake) "Gay Marriage," Wed., June 26 at Supreme Court -- Anniversary of Immoral Ruling. I suppose that LaBarbera will find a few fellow crazies to fart out their discontent over something that doesn't affect them in any way whatsoever.

What is the point? What does he hope to accomplish? The justices of the Supreme Court are not interested and no one recognizes Peter LaBarbera as the arbiter of morality in America. Presumably Peter has better things to do. He can start by getting his books and records in order. Perhaps the IRS will once again grant his little org tax-exempt status which was revoked over four years ago. But I digress.

Mr. LaBarbera is informative:
Did you know that Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court's "gay marriage" ruling, was built on a lie--that "gays" cannot change? Well, five EX-gays and EX-"transgenders" (including Grace Harley, shown at right) are going to call out the Court for its convenient fib at our 2nd annual "Rally to Repeal Obergefell" at the Supreme Court this Wed., June 26 (10:30 AM).
Which reminds me that Pete did the same thing last year:
Folks, here is Rev. Grace Harley’s speech at AFTAH’s June 26 “Repeal Obergefell” press event in front of the Supreme Court, to mark the three-year anniversary of the judicial travesty of the Obergefell “gay marriage” decision
I’m a contributor to the new AS book advertised in the video, “Permanent Revolution: The Secret Life and Legacy of Barack Hussein Obama”; my chapter is on the bizarre childhood and potential homosexual background of Obama.
There was a link in the above to Harley's website which has now dissolved into the ether. That book, by the way, is already out of print. You can buy a used paperback for 12 bucks. Proof, again, that even batshit has its limitations. (Must have been a page-turner.)

After what should have been the end of the email (LaBarbera thinks it is a media event):
Come join me and fellow truth advocates this Wednesday, June 26, 10:30 AM, right in front of the U.S. Supreme Court at AFTAH's 2nd annual Repeal Obergefell Rally. (Obergefell v Hodge [sic] is the Court's immoral and devastating 2015 ruling imposing fake "gay marriage" on the nation.) …
Six years since U.S. v. Windsor; four years since Obergefell v. Hodges and LaBarbera cannot explain how these rulings were “devastating.” Most Christians and Jews disagree with LaBarbera believing that marriage equality is a moral good. Ah but the best part is this:
Among our speakers are FIVE EX-LGBTQ truth tellers whose very existence shatters the Big Lie of the Gay Agenda--that somehow changeable, immoral sexual lifestyles are analogous to skin color. It was so exhilarating last year to defend REAL marriage (one-man, one-woman) boldly directly in front of the high Court, while being surrounding by homosexual and transgender activists …
If we page down (fundamentalist Christians are painfully verbose) LaBarbera's loose nuts and bolts are identified:
Stephen Black, former homosexual, First Stone Ministries
Laura Perry, former “Female to Male” transgender
Pastor Stephen Broden, Fair Park Bible Fellowship, Christian activist.
David Arthur, former homosexual prostitute, founder, I Belong Amen Ministries
These folks have turned supposedly being ex-gay into an occupation. Stephen Black wrote a book that no one purchased and First Stone Ministries is (I think was) a pray-the-gay-away operation. It had a 2015 ruling as a 501(c)3 which has already been revoked for some reason — probably dissolution. Peter Sprigg used Black's book as one of his sources proving that sexual orientation responds to conversion therapy.

Mr. Broden was one of the founders of the absolute batshit Gone2Far. He partnered with a virulent anti-Semite and Holocaust denier, Randy Short. Needless to say (I suppose) Fair Park Bible Fellowship is not a federally recognized tax-exempt organization.

As you might have guessed, I Belong Amen Ministries, is not a federally tax-exempt entity either. Last year David Arthur was ex-transgender as well as ex-gay.

Including LaBarbera and Grace Harley, that's five out of five ministries that are not tax-exempt. Good work.

Laura Perry has a crazy blog post at the hate group, American Family Association. I have no idea what medical care she received or the extent of her transition (other than superficial). On her annoying website, Perry has a paperback book to sell for $15 and she asks for (non-deductible) donations. There she claims to have been transitioned from 2008 to 2016. She has now gotten religion. Some people do desist. So what? According to her website:
Presumably Laura Perry is not a psychiatrist. Neither she nor Jesus are going to cure gender dysphoria which can cause considerable distress. “Gender confusion” is Christian-speak. It is meaningless. Desistance rates are minuscule so apparently transitioning is the answer for many people who have gender incongruence. Gender dysphoria is a medical condition. It requires medical attention.

In the end Peter LaBarbera accomplishes nothing except to demonstrate the irrationality and banality of himself and his fellow cranks. I suppose that this is a look-at-me enterprise. An attempt to purchase some relevance. I really should not write about LaBarbera. He thrives on the attention. That said, these annual events are a source of entertainment.

In a perverse way, Mr. LaBarbera has probably done more to advance LGBT rights than Harvey Milk. He provides a caricature of fundamentalist Christian opposition. Unlike most straw men, LaBarbera is a self-manufactured convenience.

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