Thursday, June 6, 2019

Trump admin decides to make migrant children more miserable in violation of a court order

Donald Trump
via Politico
Donald Trump has no understanding of American traditions. Trump has only one interest: Trump. We gave wealthy people an enormous tax break and now we cannot take proper care of migrant children, allegedly because we lack the funds to do so. President Obama would have found the necessary funds.

According to the Associated Press:
In violation of a long-standing federal court settlement, the Trump administration government has stopped paying for legal services and English-language courses at jails for immigrant children around the country, saying budget cuts make it necessary.

The Health and Human Services department notified shelters around the country last week that it was not going to reimburse them for teachers’ pay or costs for legal services or recreational equipment. The move violates a legal settlement known as the Flores agreement that requires the government to provide education and recreational activities to immigrant children in its jails.

But the agency says it doesn’t have the funding to provide those services as it deals with a soaring number of children coming to the United States, largely from Central America.
The government says it has 13,200 children in its care, and more are coming. The Border Patrol said Wednesday that 11,500 children crossed the border without a parent last month. The children allegedly are transferred to the care of Health and Human Services after the Border Patrol processes them. Health and Human Services contracts out their care and housing to nonprofits and private companies, some of them seeking profit.

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