Friday, June 21, 2019

We should excuse Christian bigotry because the Saudis are worse

Julio Severo
Julio Severo
via Last Days Watchman
Julio Severo is the author of “Prophetic Prayers: Daily Prayer Guide Based on the Book of Proverbs.” Intriguing no doubt. Julio Severo is also the author of Taylor Swift Music Video Attacks People Who Protest Against LGBTQ Behavior, But Refrains from Condemning Islamic Nations that Execute Homosexuals. Within this intellectual masterpiece is this:
If Swift treated Saudis the way she has treated Christians in her music video, the Saudi reprisals would be fast.

If she does not accept Christians who do not accept homosexual depravity, she should target George Washington, the first U.S. president. He never executed homosexuals, but he discharged dishonorably from the Army a soldier who committed sodomy (homosexual acts).
Get a grip Julio. We can choose not to visit Saudi Arabia. However, in the United States (Severo is Brazilian) anti-LGBT Christians are trying to impose their religious beliefs on everyone else, often as public policy. Those same “kind” Christians demonize and marginalize people based on ancient texts of dubious provenance. Suppose Moonies were in the majority.

As for our first president, when he assumed office we were slavers. Women had no rights at all. It would be almost three years before the Bill of Rights was ratified. So what is the point?

Julio Severo also has a blog titled: Last Days Watchman which seems to be an homage to prosperity gospel grifter and Trumper Paula White. According to Severo: “Bringing you articles by a man who has felt God's call to alert God's people in these last days.”

People have been shouting “the end is near” for centuries and they are never wrong. What they often claim is to have uniquely heard the voice of their deity when no one else has. They have been selected, you see, for their piety. They are special. They then claim that they are doing the bidding of their god. I often wonder if these people really believe their own BS.

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