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Were FRC's Peter Sprigg Ever Factually Accurate About Trans People it Would Be By Accident

Friday, Peter Sprigg writes: Trans Activists: We’re Normal, But You Must Pay To Fix Us. Peter Sprigg works for Family Research Council, an anti-LGBT hate group. Sprigg promotes anti-LGBT bigotry because he is a religious fanatic (he is an ordained Baptist minister) and because doing so is a condition of employment. According to Sprigg:
Transgender advocates are manipulating medical definitions to get a diagnosis without the ‘stigma’ of having a ‘mental disorder.’
Sprigg indulges in bullshit because he gets away with doing so all too frequently. In this case the BS begins with “Trans Activists” and “Transgender advocates.” These are abstractions. There are numerous sources of transgender advocacy. There is the World Professional Association of Transgender Health for example. Jennifer Finney Boylan, a transgender woman, is a regular columnist for the New York Times. There is also the Human Rights Campaign and these are just for starters.

Sprigg attributes fictional statements to fictional people. Why do you think that is? I have hardly begun with Sprigg's tirade. I apologize in advance for a lengthy post. I hope that I can retain your interest.

Then those evil “advocates” are alleged to be corrupting medical science. The construction of Sprigg's sentence conveys the notion that the advocates are those receiving a diagnosis of (I suppose) gender dysphoria. Is he claiming that people are pretending to have gender dysphoria? Could he possibly be that ignorant? Yes to both.

In point of fact, gender dysphoria is typically diagnosed between five and 12 years of age. Children in distress are unlikely to care whether they have a disorder or a dysphoria (discomfort). The kids do not have an agenda.
Radical Christian mythology:
One of the first major successes of the “gay liberation” movement in the United States was the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA’s) 1973 decision to remove homosexuality from its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders … The fact that the decision was more political than scientific complicates the history, but the goal was clear.
I recently detailed the chronology of the APA's decision. While the gay community got their attention, the determination was based entirely on science. I need hip boots to wade through a a Sprigg polemic.
Eureka, an actual quote from the Sprigg:
Like homosexuals, transgender activists have long been offended at the idea that trans people have a “disorder.” As a recent online article puts it, they believe “experiencing gender as different from the one assigned at birth is not a disorder or a disease – but rather a natural variation of human experience.”
Even that is problematic BS. The quote from Human Rights Watch is accurate but it is out of context with respect to who “they” are. Here is the full quote (emphasis added):
There is widespread consensus among medical and psychological experts, consistent with the views of transgender rights advocates around the world, that experiencing gender as different from the one assigned at birth is not a disorder or a disease – but rather a natural variation of human experience.
How about a false equivalence?
Addressing that issue is more complicated for transgender activists than it was for homosexual ones, though. Homosexuals felt no “treatment” for their identity was necessary. However, those who identify as transgender often seek cross-sex hormones and gender reassignment surgery, to alter their bodies to more closely resemble those of the preferred sex.
Gay people do not seek treatment to make them straight. It does not exist. Similarly transgender people do not seek treatment to “correct” their gender identity. That doesn't exist either. “Those who identify as …” is conservative Christian rote. They (Sprigg and his ilk) do not want to write “transgender people” because that would mean that they actually exist. “Preferred sex” is also conservative Christian BS intended to convey the impression that gender identity is a preference; ergo a choice. It is re-tooled anti-gay rhetoric in the form of sexual preference.

Sprigg is also trying to convey the idea that gender affirmation is frivolous; something akin to a nose job. Transgender people present in accordance with their gender. The closer the presentation is to their gender in terms of appearance, the less distress they experience from gender incongruence. Gender dysphoria is a very serious condition. I recently quoted the esteemed Dr. Deanna Adkins at Duke University:
With the exception of some serious childhood cancers, gender dysphoria is the most fatal condition that I treat because of the harms that flow from not properly recognizing gender identity. Attempted suicide rates in the transgender community are over 40%, which is a risk of death that far exceeds most other medical conditions. The only treatment to avoid this serious harm is to recognize the gender identity of patients with gender dysphoria and differences of sex development.
Sprigg, who has no medical training, would seem to prefer that people die in order to conform the world to a passage in Genesis. Is that hyperbolic? It is the logical extension to the anti-LGBT gibberish that Sprigg seeks to advance.
Apparently transgender people are manipulating the system to get treatment for a condition that they do not have:
They could pay for such procedures themselves, but that’s expensive. So to justify forcing third parties (insurance companies or taxpayers) to pay for these procedures, they need a diagnostic code from the DSM.
What is this imbecile trying to say? If someone is suffering from, say, depression then insurance (including Medicare and Medicaid) will pay for therapy and medication. Why should the same thing not apply to transgender people?

Sprigg is implying that people are faking something. Why would they need to do so? Is someone without gender dysphoria likely to want cross-sex hormones? This is a close cousin to Sprigg's claims that cisgender men will pretend to be transgender in order to have unfettered access to women's bathrooms to then prey on them. The fact that this has never happened has never deterred Sprigg.
No. It is psychiatrists who are working the system:
In the DSM-5 (2013), the APA did away with the term “gender identity disorder,” and declared such “incongruence” was not a “disorder” at all. However, “the distress that may accompany the incongruence” could be classified as a disorder—now renamed “gender dysphoria.”

This was a partial fulfillment of transgender demands (“Gender incongruence is not a disorder!”), but it meant that if people obtained a “gender dysphoria” diagnosis in order to get hormones or surgery, they would still bear the “stigma” of having a “mental disorder.” Transgender activists and their allies continued to search for a new way of threading that needle.
Mr. Sprigg requires treatment for his personality disorder. The APA's re-classification was based on the fact that variances in gender identity are natural variances of human sexuality. That being the case, the APA also realized that labeling gender incongruence a disorder wrongfully stigmatized people. The re-classification had absolutely nothing to do with insurance.
Ohshit, it is a global conspiracy:
Like the APA, the WHO [World Health Organization] has now decided to drop the term “gender identity disorder.” However, the new category that will replace it is—wait for it—“gender incongruence!” That’s right—the very thing that was declared not to be a disorder in the DSM will be the newly coined disorder in the ICD (confused yet?).
I am experiencing multiple-facepalm disorder. No Mr. Sprigg. Nope. Uh uh. Apparently, it is Sprigg who is profoundly confused. Regardless of nomenclature both WHO and the APA have determined that the incongruity of one natal sex and one's gender identity is not a disorder. Both have concluded that the gender identity spectrum represents perfectly natural variances.
Conversion/Reparative therapy is the answer:
Society certainly should have compassion for people who feel discomfort with their biological sex. It is certainly a painful struggle. However, the medical profession is moving more and more in the direction of offering expensive, body-altering surgery as the primary solution—instead of counseling to get at the roots of this discomfort and help to heal it.
There is nothing to get to the root of. Gender is a continuum or spectrum. There is no known intervention that effectively causes one to change their gender identity. Sprigg advocates non-existent therapy. Sprigg should really shelve the phony Christian “compassion™.” Sprigg's hateful spew is based upon his belief system which is based on faith. Medical science is based on evidence.
Here is the proof of, … something:
New York psychiatrist Jack Drescher, who was involved in drafting both the DSM and ICD revisions, previewed them almost three years ago. But his article was revealing of the motives behind the changes:
WHO, a United Nations agency, has a human rights mission, and there is substantial evidence that the stigma associated with the intersection of transgender status and mental disorders contributes to precarious legal status, human rights violations, and barriers to appropriate health care for this population.
“Human rights?” “Stigma?” “Legal status?” It is hard to see what any of these have to do with accurate diagnosis of a health condition. Instead, they reveal that the changes in the ICD are motivated by a socio-political agenda—not a scientific or medical one. Money and politics, not compassion, are driving this transgender bus.
Classification and diagnosis are two entirely different things. For example, diagnosis of gender dysphoria in a child requires meeting six of eight criteria and the child must be experiencing significant distress or impairment in function, which has lasted for at least six months.

It is all too easy to dismiss Sprigg as a sanctimonious idiot. However, these narratives — as pernicious as they are — make their way into society. This is a new meme from Sprigg. It will probably be repeated many times and echoed by other literalist religious zealots.

I have a relatively small microphone. I wish that more people would take apart these essays and spread the truth. The ridicule might make Sprigg a bit reluctant to spread his particular brand of bullshit. Then, again, he seems to be shameless.

Sprigg is one of the reasons that Family Research Council is deemed a hate group. They should not get away with spreading hateful rhetoric. These self-righteous jerks have no problem promoting outright falsehoods. Remember that these are the same schmucks who insist that abortion causes breast cancer (it does not).

These malicious people have promoted pray-the-gay-away as a pretext for discrimination. They claim that gay people are child predators and that sexual abuse causes kids to become gay. In conservative Christian circles it is not uncommon for people to believe that most gay people were sexually abused as children.

Due, I think, to considerable opprobrium they seem less inclined to posit that we recruit children (although that theme still exists). Every time some miscreant refers to “gender ideology” we need to push it back. Misgendering trans people does violence to them. We cannot allow this invective to go unchallenged and we can all play a part in promoting human decency and kindness.

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