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AFA's Walker Wildmon imitates his odious grandfather

Walker Wildmon
via YouTube/CBN
Control of the hate group, American Family Association, rests with the Wildmon family, descendants of its founder, Don Wildmon. Literalist Christians are not a terribly imaginative lot. Were they more ingenious they would not be literalist Christians. The effect is that they are unoriginal, content to rinse and repeat the rhetoric.

Walker Wildmon, Don's grandson, is rather dull — a dim bulb — but he is a VP or AFA. Based on his quoted words, AFA begins a polemic with a hackneyed rhetorical question: Has the LGBT movement overplayed its hand? Uh, probably not. The objective is Equal Protection. Nothing less and nothing more.
A new Harris poll finds Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 are becoming less and less enamored with the LGBT lifestyle each year. 45 percent of young people considered themselves "allies" of the LGBT movement last year -- down from 53 percent in 2017 and 63 percent in 2016.
According to the American Family Association (AFA), that may be due to their "observing the abnormalities associated with homosexuality up close."
AFA is referring to a Harris Poll commissioned by GLAAD. There are competing hypotheses to explain what appears to be a decline in support. The decline might simply represent apathy. The key metric is support for equal rights. That is rock solid at 80%, up a point from 2017.

I am more interested in the obnoxious language. Asserting that there are “abnormalities associated with homosexuality” will keep AFA listed as a hate group in perpetuity. The quote is without attribution but my guess for something that idiotic is that the source is Walker Wildmon.

Exactly what those abnormalities are remains unexplained. Frankly, what I find abnormal is surrendering one's curiosity to Bronze Age texts of dubious provenance. Then the belief that those same texts represent the literal word of a deity is aberrant.

What makes it all the more peculiar is the fact that the belief depends upon selective observation. It is the literal word of their god but (with any luck at all) they do not believe that Earth is the center of the universe. Apparently they get to choose which things the god got right and which things the god got wrong. They would expend considerably less energy with some curiosity and an appreciation of science.

Perhaps you thought that “special rights” rhetoric was deceased and buried:
"This study is actually refreshing for a change, and it's showing that really the homosexual agenda and the sexual deviancy advocates have overplayed their hand," says AFA Vice President Walker Wildmon. "They've been pushing this sexual deviancy so much that your average person, even though not religious or Christian, they're getting tired of it; they're getting tired of being told that homosexuals and transgenders have special rights beyond what the Constitution provides."
Is that a cut & paste from something circa 1995? Has Walker not learned that the Homosexual Agenda™ is so trite that it is a welcome addition to any essay? Moreover, the supposed agenda is impossibly personified in Walker Wildmon's spew. And what on earth is a “sexual deviancy advocate?” Oddly enough it is these same Christians who seek special rights beyond the constitutional guarantees of Free Exercise. Then they pretend that the Establishment Clause means something other than what it explicitly says.

Walker Wildmon is a victim. He has learned how to victimize others in an ill-advised attempt to please a deity. Actually, their god is always angry, jealous and ready to unleash all manner of disasters. Rather than “please,” perhaps the right word is pacify.

AFA includes this bit of the bat:
Meanwhile, parents in California have taken a stand against similar lessons being taught in their state by keeping their children home to protest lessons. A second-grade lesson informs students that NASA astronaut Sally Ride is a lesbian.
The author of this piece, Chris Woodward, lacked the curiosity to determine a couple of things. First of all, he does not realize that Sally Ride is deceased. She died in 2012. Secondly, the simple fact is that Dr. Ride (Ph.D. in physics from Stanford) was a lesbian. From 1985 until her death, Sally Ride had a close romantic relationship with Tam O'Shaughnessy who is a very gifted scientist, children's author and educator. Sally Ride was a very special person.

Do these people not know how to look shit up in Wikipedia?

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