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Anti-trans batshit du jour

Denise Shick
via YouTube
I do not know how — or even if — Denise Shick supports herself. Monday, Shick writes: I lost my dad the day he told me he wanted to become a woman. The purpose of this essay is to convince people that her personal experience is reason for no one to become transgender. In reality Shick has a religious objection, or so she claims.

The real question is what to do for children whose parent is transitioning. The answer is not to insist that the parent not do so but to provide some serious counseling for both parents and children together. We need to start with the fact that people who transition are in considerable distress from gender dysphoria. They are inexorably drawn to transition as a means of relieving their suffering.

Shick's ongoing resentment of her father suggests that they did not come to terms with the reality. Shick really doesn't care about the reality. She isn't interested in the why or how of transgender people. She wants to vent her anger. It is animosity that she has held since childhood and it holds her in its grip which prevents Shick from maturing or moving on.
Increasing the victimization of others:
Unfortunately, these children may be advised to affirm the parent’s new identity or stoically bear the uncomfortable circumstances wreaking havoc in their home lives. They may be bullied by peers, family members, and other adults. One 10-year-old boy was teased by peers who said, “Go home, and put on a dress as your daddy does.” During a grocery-shopping trip, two children under age seven were scolded by their transitioning father: “Don’t call me Dad.”
Shick suggests a rather odd choice between affirming a parent's transition and simply bearing the consequences — I suppose while rejecting the parent's transition. There is an “or” between those two concepts. If a child is resentful then they might not understand what is really happening and why it is happening. The parent is not making a choice other than to choose relief over misery.

More odious is Shick's assertion that the parent is to blame if the transgender parent's children are bullied. In fact Shick's very existence seems dependent upon blaming her parent for all of her obvious shortcomings and lack of achievement. As for the parent who supposedly scolded her children, that is probably fictional. Another reality, however, is that there are crappy parents. Most are cisgender. A few are probably transgender.
Concerned family members have also told me that the children feel shame and embarrassment about their family situations. The pressure to accept or protect the transitioning parent can generate anger, fear, and anxiety as well as loneliness and feelings of abandonment. Sometimes the children’s prolonged and unresolved grief leads to depression, eating disorders, or substance abuse. A sense of being different or not belonging may cause difficulty with intimacy or trust in relationships. They often express confusion about God, religion, love, and sexuality.
The above is probably fiction as well. Why would anyone talk to Shick? Were Shick a responsible, caring person she would suggest that these people (if they exist at all) require professional counseling (and not religious counseling). Shick lacks the training and experience to solve any of these problems were she to be presented with them. Furthermore, it is the religious right that promotes shame. Embarrassment I can understand but shame?

If Ms. Shick ever received the psychological support that she needed and continues to need she might realize that she is projecting. Shick's fictional characters resemble Shick. Embarrassed, feeling shame, lonely, depressed, grieving, confused and angry. And it's all Daddy's fault. Shick will remain undeveloped and immature and she is not to blame either. Blame is entirely unnecessary. Understanding is what is required. If Shick is at fault for anything it is for failing to get the counseling that she needs and for promoting the inter-linked concepts of blame and shame.
Due to cultural glorification of transgenderism, some children wrestle with gender dysphoria. The left would have us believe cross-sex-identifying children should feel empowered in their confusion, although hard science shows that “for a boy to think he is a girl is not knowledge; it’s delusion. And research shows that between 80–95% [of] cases of gender-identity confusion in prepubertal children will resolve on their own.” (1)
If you think that footnote is to peer-reviewed research you are wrong. It is to a blog post by one of nature's most profound ignoramuses, Laurie Higgins at the hate group, Illinois Family Institute.

I don't know if Denise Shick is lying, ignorant or lying to herself. About 75% of children who have some measure of gender dysphoria do, indeed grow out of it on their own. They never transition in the first place. When the severity of the condition is such that they do transition the desistance rate is minuscule.

In other words, this notion, which is endlessly regurgitated throughout conservative Christendom is irrelevant to anything having to do with the existence of transgender people. They only spout this nonsense because they do not want anyone to transition because of a (preposterous) religious objection. How in the hell can you have a religious objection to the presence of a medical condition? Do they honestly believe that people transition frivolously?
If I were a child today, confused and struggling to feel good about being female, my school counselor might suggest that I am transgender and need to embrace my masculinity.
Bullshit. School counselors do not have that training. A psychiatrist is required to diagnose gender dysphoria. This is just conservative Christian mythology. “Everyone's against us!”
A kernel of truth about Shick's anger:
But here’s the truth about my childhood confusion: I lost my dad the day he told me he wanted to become a woman. As I tried to process that revelation, he blindsided me with another admission: he never wanted to have children. To him, my siblings and I were mistakes because we didn’t align with his desires.
“Poor me. I was an unwanted child.” She will never move along. Denise Shick is stuck in this rut of blame and self-pity. Meanwhile, her distraction is to be a warrior for Christ.
I speak for others who have undergone similarly tragic childhoods. Our culture tells children they are selfish to refuse to call their dad Mom. In reality, these children only desire the truth—Dad is male and should remain so. He should not exchange the fact of his biological maleness for the lie of becoming a woman.
Wong on all counts and Ms. Shick cannot to speak for others. It is a right that she has not earned. This is just an attempt to obscure the fact that she is speaking for herself. The “lie” part is just religious gibberish. Children need to accept their parent's transition lest they end up like Shick. Only a trained psychologist can help a child understand, cope with an accept a transgender parent.
Likewise, to encourage others, especially children, to believe the transgender lie and to act on it is wrong. There is “no proof—nor will any proof ever be available—that affirming a child in the rejection of his or her biological sex is good, right, or morally justified.” (4)
That footnote looks like this: (4) “Harming Children.” It is not a cite to anything. The ignorant woman is irrational. Actually there is a large body of evidence that gender-affirmed children do remarkably well. Their levels of anxiety and depression are reduced to normal or near-normal levels. Not allowing suffering children to transition causes immense distress. Ms. Shick just repeats the same BS with no interest in what is best for people. Her interest is in pleasing her god.

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