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Brian S. Brown claims that protection from discrimination is damaging to those who are protected!

“It is just so utterly silly that I find it hard to believe that anyone can buy into this BS.”
Brian S. Brown
via YouTube/Fox News
The latest missive from Brian S. Brown is woefully titled: The Corporate Embrace of Gender Ideology. Brown will go to his grave dishonestly insisting that gender is an ideology — a doctrine or philosophy. Scientific evidence-based truths are irrelevant to Brown. The palace eunuchs at the Vatican know better.

An email from Brian S. Brown, on behalf of the anti-LGBT National Organization for Marriage, has only one objective. It is to entice people into donating some money to NOM — usually on false premises. The idea is to piss people off and then claim to have a solution if people will only be generous. However, Brown promises that NOM will use the donations to accomplish something that NOM cannot accomplish. Brown's mission is religious. In spite of all the sanctimony, Brown is quite content to be dishonest.

It reminds me of our attorney general, William Barr. Barr is apparently a self-righteous Opus Dei supernumerary but he is perfectly willing to lie through his teeth if it serves his interests. Lying for a scumbag like Trump should be unthinkable for a moral person. Similarly, lying to obtain money for NOM from unknown persons is the unprincipled endeavor of a lowlife con artist.

Deceiving for dollars also sends an important message: Brown cannot raise money based on the accomplishments or even potential accomplishments of National Organization for Marriage. Brown's unprincipled indecency is on the backs of LGBT people who have done him no harm. The current target is transgender folks. They want the same things that everyone else wants. A decent job, companionship, a nice home and security. Okay, they also want a place to pee in peace. Is that really so terrible?

The text of Brown's email should result in NOM being designated a hate group:
It's been apparent for a good while now that many in the corporate world have thrown in with the far-left to advance the extreme LGBT agenda. From time to time, we've seen big corporations make their ill-informed views known in high-profile circumstances, such as when Starbucks and General Mills came out in favor of imposing same-sex marriage on the nation, or when Target Stores invited biological men into changing rooms reserved for women. But even I have to say that it was difficult to see the breadth and depth of the alignment of corporate interests against common-sense and traditional American values as is on display in a recent filing by big corporations urging the US Supreme Court to ignore precedent and impose a dangerous gender ideology on the nation. These corporations told the Supreme Court that they should redefine "sex" under federal law to include sexual orientation and "gender identity."
“Far left,” “extreme … agenda,” “dangerous.” Brown is claiming that LGBT people are a peril to others. Those are the words of a bigot — and a liar. We are just cannon fodder. Having defined the supposed jeopardy Brown is claiming that corporate America is advancing the hazard. “If you would just send NOM some money, we can eliminate the menace.”

People must believe this bullshit. Otherwise Brown would stop doing what he is doing. On the other hand, Brown has always been greedy but inept. There is the possibility that he believes that he is on the right path when he is not. Why not? Brian S. Brown believes a great many insane things that make no sense at all.
Legal scholar Ed Whelan called the brief submitted by 206 corporations, including some of the largest and wealthiest in the nation, "bizarre" and said, "on its own terms…[it] makes little or no sense." Essentially the big corporations told the Supreme Court that it's essential for the economy and for global competitiveness that biological men who identify as women be considered actual women so as to avoid discrimination.
Ed Whelan is another Defender of the Faith. Whelan is a smart guy who has forfeited his intellect for the promise of a rewarding afterlife. Note the inability of Brown to write the words “transgender women.” His substitute of “biological men who identify as women” is to further the dogma from the Vatican that transgender people don't really exist. Brown and Whelan pretend, for a pretended purpose, that transgender folks are pretending. It is just so utterly silly that I find it hard to believe that anyone can buy into this BS.
Add some self-delusion:
Their position is utter nonsense. And to add to the lunacy of the corporations' brief, they already have the power to impose gender ideology in their own business operations if they so choose. Their brief notes that these businesses collectively employ over 7 million workers and generate over $5 trillion in annual revenue. Yet rather than act voluntarily to impose their position in their operations – which would subject them to heated and forceful objections from employees, stockholders and customers – they instead want the US Supreme Court to do their ideological dirty work for them.
All one has to do is to peruse the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index to appreciate the reality:

572 Businesses earned scores of 100 percent. Among other things, that requires: “Affirming coverage for transition-related care and eliminating all so-called 'transgender exclusions' from [insurance] plans.” Not only that but if you want to be part of their supply chain you have to have comparable nondiscrimination policies. Furthermore, as HRC notes:
● A full 85 percent of the Fortune 500 – including both companies that participate in the CEI survey and those that do not — have gender identity protections enumerated in their nondiscrimination policies (up from 3 percent in 2002) and 97 percent of the entire CEI universe of businesses offer explicit gender identity non-discrimination protections (up from 5 percent in 2002).

● 62 percent of the Fortune 500 and over 84 of the CEI universe of businesses offer transgender-inclusive health care coverage, up from 0 in 2002 and 16 times as many businesses as ten years ago. 104 new employers offer this coverage in the 2019 report.
Therefore, these enterprises are already doing what Brown claims they are incapable of doing. The “heated and forceful objections from employees, stockholders and customers” do not seem to exist. Are these lies, examples of ignorance or both?

What do you think happens when you click on this grammar-challenged banner?
The big lie is this:
We are determined to fight back against this attempt by big corporate interests in league with LGBT extremists to impose a political ideology that is false, dangerous and damaging to the American people – and to the very individuals who it is intended to help, those who are confused about their gender.
  1. NOM is in no position to influence the outcome of a case before the Supreme Court.
  2. Donations to NOM will not be used to influence the outcome of a case before the Supreme Court.
  3. There is nothing “extremist” in the desire for protection from discrimination. It is Brown's ideology that is extreme.
  4. There is nothing dangerous about protecting people from discrimination.
  5. Non discrimination is not “damaging to the American people.” Protections from discrimination are an important American value.
  6. Brown's claim that protection from discrimination is damaging to the people who are protected is not only a lie but irrational to the point of lunacy.
  7. People who suffer from gender incongruity are not confused. Quite the contrary. Mr. Brown is just regurgitating the dishonest rhetoric from the Vatican.
The text goes on to ask for money many more times. Apparently, giving NOM money will turn back the clock to the 16th century. Mr. Brown might benefit from pulling his head out of his very outdated ass.

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