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Complaint of dismissed Catholic school teacher Joshua Payne-Elliott (TWG)

TWG: Teaching While Gay. Hasn't the Church had enough bad publicity over employment discrimination?
Wednesday, lawyers for Joshua Payne-Elliott filed a complaint (below the fold) in Indiana Commercial Court accusing the Archdiocese of Indianapolis of interference in a valid contract between Mr. Payne-Elliott and Cathedral High School. Mr. Payne-Elliott had been in the employ of the school for nearly 13 years. I think that we can safely assume that he did a good job.

As you can see from the contract, Exhibit A, there is nothing in the text that would prohibit Mr. Payne-Elliott from entering into a same-sex marriage. The school did not want to terminate Joshua (I am fatigued with typing Payne-Elliott). They did so at the insistence of Archbishop Charles C. Thompson who threatened to revoke the school's Catholic charter if they did not comply. Joshua's job performance was never in question.

A statement from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis responding to the lawsuit said that within archdiocesan Catholic schools, “all teachers, school leaders and guidance counselors are ministers and witnesses of the faith, who are expected to uphold the teachings of the Church in their daily lives, both in and out of school.”

That is all fine and dandy but the contract includes required statements from Joshua; answers to four questions pertaining to “our shared vocation” — how Joshua intends to fulfill his commitments to the faith. Joshua answered each and every question honestly. The contract was signed by the school signifying acceptance of Joshua's answers. One of those commitments, by the way, is to “[r]espect and validate diversity.”

I always ask the same questions:
  • Do they know whether or not any of their teachers has had an abortion?
  • Are any of their teachers divorcees?
  • How about contraceptives?
This focus on same-sex marriage has a simple explanation: Sore losers! The Church was heavily invested in preventing marriage equality. It did not prevail. Now they treat same-sex marriage as defiance. I guess that they prefer gays “shacking up.”

Joshua is represented by Kathleen A. DeLaney. Delaney specializes in employment law. DeLaney attended Indiana University Maurer School of Law which is considered one of the top public law schools in the United States. She is a member of two very prestigious honor societies: Order of Coif and Order of Barristers.

Bill Donohue
Speaking of divorced Catholics, Blowhard Bill Donohue has weighed in on this matter. Bill claims that Mr. Payne-Elliot is seeking revenge. Nonsense! After thirteen years of valued service he was dismissed. According to Blowhard Bill:
[T]he teacher voluntarily signed a contract with the school, pledging to uphold Catholic teachings. One of those teachings rejects a marriage between two men or two women, or between multiple partners.
That is incorrect. The commitment, as I noted above, is to the “shared vocation” which Joshua complied with. According to Donohue:
[T]he lawsuit claims that the archdiocese “discriminated on the basis of sexual orientation and retaliated against him for opposing sexual orientation discrimination.”

In fact, no one has ever been fired from a Catholic school because he is a homosexual. This is a red herring. The teacher was fired because he publicly flaunted his marriage to another man, not because he happened to be attracted to other men.
“A tax on yarmulkes is a tax on Jews:” Justice Antonin Scalia. Moreover, only an abject bigot uses the word “flaunt” in connection with a gay man. Joshua has been married for about two years so apparently he wasn't very effective at “flaunting.”

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