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FRC has enemies, enemies and more enemies

Tony Perkins
via YouTube/Fox News
Thursday, I received an email from Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins of Family Research Council. The subject reads: The Left Doesn't Take Summer Vacations. Who knew? The plea is for FRC Action, the 501(c)4 so donation are not tax deductible. Anyway, Tony Perkins is asking for money to pursue FRC's anti-LGBT, anti-choice, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim agenda. Oh but he and his organization are pro-Trump.

So far today no evangelical Christian organization has uttered so much as a peep about Trump's indecent racism — but I digress.
The Evildoers:
Funds for anti-faith, anti-family groups like Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) keep flowing into their bulging coffers year-round.

They know they can rely on wealthy benefactors like socialist George Soros and LGBT activist Tim Gill, and unfortunately, even funding from our federal government.
Those are secular organizations which does not translate to anti-faith. That is comparable to calling Perkins' religious organization “anti-capitalist.” All of those organizations are markedly pro-family. It is just that their ideas about what comprises a family are a bit different from what Tony Perkins imagines. Those organizations value diversity.

Tony Perkins' brain doesn't work that way. Perkins has ties to the Klan. He thinks that a family is defined by a man and woman who are white, Christian conservative and heterosexual. They are raising three Bible-thumping children who are heterosexual and cisgender.
George Soros is code for evil liberal Jews. Tim Gill means evil homosexuals. Perkins' crowd eats this up.
The Evil They Do:
These radical groups will be working overtime to...

>>> Force schools, businesses, and our military to provide special privileges for adults and children who identify as transgender, or suffer the legal consequences...

>>> Push to legalize abortion up to the moment of birth, and overturn the wave of pro-life bills now being passed in more and more states...

>>> Label all who believe what the Bible says about sexuality, marriage, life, and more as "haters."
Mr. Perkins has some chutzpah to call transgender accommodations “special privileges.” At the very core of Tony Perkins and Family Research Council is Christian privilege and Christian supremacy.

Most people — certainly most secular people — strongly believe in reproductive rights. Perkins and his ilk have promoted a great deal of mythology about, for example, New York's Reproductive Health Act which was enacted in January, 2019. The act permits abortions after 24 weeks if a qualified physician determines that the fetus is not viable or that the mother's life or health are at risk if the pregnancy is continued.

That seems pretty reasonable to me. Women should not be forced to carry a fetus that will die. Women should not have to die or become ill in order to satisfy anti-abortion fanatics. Giving birth under those circumstances might be a form of suicide. Keep in mind that no one has ever suggested that women are required to terminate non-viable or unhealthy pregnancies. Reproductive choice is just that. Choice.

The third paragraph about biblical belief is one of the religious right's favorite tactics. It is a lie. Nobody gives a rat's ass about what anyone else believes. Well, maybe Tony Perkins cares because he is a religious crazy. Bigotry is not defined by belief. It is defined by one's actions. If people act to deny equal protection and due process to people because of their sexual orientation of gender identity then they are a bigot which I prefer over “hater.”

Furthermore, advancing falsehoods about LGBTQ people is an act of bigotry. Promoting the notion that there are mystical interventions to make gay people straight and to make trans people gender-congruent is bigotry for two reasons: 1) Such therapy does not exist and; 2) it promotes the idea that LGBTQ people need to undergo conversion which means that being LGBTQ is unacceptable. It is anti-science as well. People are fine just the way they are.

“Radical?” Most Christians and Jews disagree with Tony Perkins on these and other issues. The simple fact is that Perkins is a religious extremist while his enemies are in the mainstream. Trump, for no reason related to policy, has licensed Perkins' dishonesty and bigotry to some extent (although Trump refers to Pence as a “religious nut”). Hopefully this will come to a conclusion in November, 2020.
As you can see, summer is when your religious freedom can be at greatest risk. So, you can easily understand why we must remain fully funded now.
A glaring error:
So, I'm asking you, David, one of our most faithful supporters, to stand in the gap for us during the next critical two months.

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