Thursday, July 18, 2019

Mad Mat Staver endorses Trump's racism

If you think that there is a certain decency to conservative Christians, you would be wrong.
Trump enabler and hate group leader Mad Mat Staver
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Hate Group Leader Mad Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel has an interesting take on Donald Trump's recent racism. Staver uses Rep. Rashida Tlaib as a lead-in to his latest quest for (supposedly tax deductible) donations. Ostensibly these are for his Christians in Defense of Israel. However, that entity is not tax-exempt according to the IRS:
It’s not enough for U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib to blast President Donald Trump for fake racism—as she and the entire House Democratic caucus did on Tuesday. (I deplore and condemn racism in any form, but President Trump’s Tweet was about those who hate America and Israel—not race).
I do not agree with some of the statements that Rep. Rashida Tlaib has made about Israel. Who the hell are Staver and Trump to claim that Rep. Tlaib — an American citizen and an elected member of the US House of Representatives — hates America?

Donald Trump, at best, is indifferent to America. Trump cares only about Trump. Mat Staver is anti-American. Staver hates our secular society, our Constitution and American values for diversity. Staver is a Christian supremacist which is profoundly un-American.

As for hating Israel:
Now Tlaib, the “Democrat Socialist” Michigan Muslim, is accusing Israel of racism, too. She blamed the Jewish state in the radical Jacobin magazine for its “continued dehumanization and racist policies.”

That’s an utter lie—one so blatant and baseless it qualifies as vile anti-Semitism, something Tlaib and her fellow “squad” member, Representative Ilhan Omar, traffic in all too often.
Rep. Tlaib is a democratic socialist — lower case “d” with “ic” at the end. she is also a member of the Democratic party. The idea that criticism of Israel is an expression of anti-Semitism is extremely offensive and intellectually dishonest. Judaism and Israel are two different things. Many Jews, including me, are critical of some Israeli policies. I love what the State of Israel represents.

Trump made the same stupid accusation that Tlaib is anti-Semitic. I have seen no evidence to that effect.

Christian zionism seems to be based on Christian prophecies from Revelations. Ask Staver directly and he will admit that Jews are destined for Hell for not accepting Jesus as lord and savior. I do not believe that Staver has any great love for Jews. He likely views us as liberal homosexual lovers who want to [fill in the George Soros related blank].

Furthermore, as to Mr. Trump, he authored racist tweets and made racist statements. Trump told four women of color to go back to the countries they came from. That is a racist trope. Last night at one of his Nuremberg rallies Trump used “love it or leave it.” It is not only racist but a stunning display of ignorance. Nothing is more American than criticising the government.

Trump disavowed the crowd's chant this afternoon but Trump is a pathological liar. While the crowd was chanting, Trump was posturing like Benito Mussolini. He certainly made no attempt to halt the “send her back” mantra which had the same cadence as “lock her up.”
In Trump world only one thing matters: Donald Trump. The chant from the crowd was brainless approval of Trump. It was very satisfying to Trump.

I will spare you the nagging litany of what you need to do in order to do what you need to do. The only way for the country to get relief is to send Trump and his entire incompetent crew packing in November, 2020.

The bottom line is that Trump has proven, yet again, that he is a racist. Mad Mat Staver is a dishonest fool. A real Christian would be repulsed by Donald Trump. Staver embraces Trump's worst impulses.

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