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Priest: "Homofascists Force Amazon to Ban Catholic Clinician’s Books on Reparative Therapy"

Jules Gomes
Fr. Jules Gomes | via
The Rev. Jules Gomes, who sometimes goes by the moniker “Rebel Priest” is displeased with gay people in general and Amazon in particular. While Gomes claims a Ph.D. he is apparently baffled by medical science. Peter LaBarbera was complaining about this same issue.

Amazon is pretty clear about its policies as a book reseller. They offer, for example, some anti-Semitic works by (possibly former) Klansman (and buddy of Tony Perkins) David Duke including Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening to the Jewish Question ($58.50). I did not know that there was a Jewish question.

At issue is Joseph Nicolosi, the dead Catholic psychologist. Nicolosi not only claimed that he could “cure” homosexuality but he published a book providing instructions to parents on how to avoid having a gay child. Nicolosi was odious to say the least.

As for Father Gomes, maybe there is some sequence of prayers to reanimate Nicolosi. I guess that we have to settle for the commentary:
Dr. Nicolosi, who died in 2017, was a devout Catholic and licensed clinical psychologist and academic, who rejected the fatalism of the premise that people are "born gay" and have no choice. Homosexuality, he believed, is an adaptation to trauma; it is rooted in a same-sex attachment problem that leaves the boy alienated from his true masculine nature.
I cannot help it if Nicolosi was a crackpot. His theories have been thoroughly discredited and he was likely to have done far more harm than good.
He assisted hundreds of clients with their goal of reducing same-sex attractions and exploring their heterosexual potential through the Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic, which had a staff of seven therapists handling about 135 cases a week of people from around the world and the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), which he co-founded.
That's all lovely but it lacks scientific documentation. What Nicolosi promised clients was a diminishing of attractions to other men. In time those would cease to control them. The apparent reasonableness of the claims made them all the more believable which was the intent. Nicolosi was, first and foremost, a religious zealot. His aim was to prove that his god did not make gay people. People were gay because of trauma — usually inflicted by negligent parents. Truth was of no consequence to Nicolosi. This was about reconciling the teachings of the Catholic Church.

By the way, Nicolosi's co-founder of NARTH was Charles W. Socarides whose own son is gay. That doesn't say much for the methodical madness of these would-be alchemists.

Nicolosi certainly had the opportunity to follow his clients over a period of several years and then publish the results to an academic journal. My theory is that he never did so because he knew what the results would show.
Church Militant spoke to Dr. Mike Davidson, Dr. David Virtue and Dr. Lisa Nolland, who knew Nicolosi well and had benefited from his labors.

"Anyone who knew Joseph Nicolosi well will attest to his unfailing compassion and skill with those wanting to leave unwanted homosexual practices," remarked Dr. Davidson, CEO of Core Issues Trust, who directed the movie Joseph Nicolosi: A True Friend, which is available on Amazon in the United Kingdom at the time of writing.
If Nicolosi was truly compassionate he would not have subjected people to conversion therapy. He did so because of religious beliefs in spite of the fact that the overwhelming scientific consensus is that conversion therapy is ineffective and harmful.

I call Nicolosi a sanctimonious sociopath. He never did the kind of follow-up necessary to determine how much harm he was doing. Medical science is just that — science. Science is based on evidence and Nicolosi never had the goods.
"Dr. Joseph Nicolosi understood gay men better than most — he spent his entire career listening to and trying to understand them! Thankfully, Joe's son Joseph Nicolosi Jr. has built on his father's magnificent work," sex historian Nolland said.
Nicolosi spent a lifetime speaking with neurotic, self-loathing gay men not gay men in general. In order for the method to work he had to keep them neurotic otherwise they would be less motivated to change. Nicolosi wanted them to be more likely, to claim to have changed — for the moment.
Until recently, distinguished members of the American Psychological Association (APA), like its former president, Dr. Robert Perloff, commended Nicolosi's books and condemned the takeover of the APA by special interests groups like the gay lobby.
Damn Father. You are supposed to assert that gays took over the American Psychiatric Association leading to the elimination of homosexuality from the DSM. The process started in 1951 by the way when Drs. Clellan Ford and Frank Beach published their research as Patterns of Sexual Behavior. Perloff, by the way, was the keynote speaker at the 2004 NARTH conference. He received an award from NARTH in 2008. Perloff supported conversion therapy but he is also dead (2013).
Linda Nicolosi, the late psychologist's wife, has also joined the fight against the militant homosexual activists seeking to suffocate free speech and choice.
There is nothing militant about not wanting to be stigmatized by pseudo-scientific, evidence-free gibberish. It has nothing to do with either free speech or choice. My concern is the potential to do serious damage to LGBT children who may have little to no choice. In fact conversion therapy encourages children to lie to their parents just to ease the tension.

Eventually it all comes out but the dynamic associated with family trust is forever destroyed. Keep in mind that reparative therapy is essentially based on parents having screwed up their kids. The therapist then supposedly repairs the damage.
"If this ban stands, it will effectively amount to a stranglehold on the free flow of information for conservatives and people of traditional faith, because Amazon holds a virtual monopoly on book sales, the public will be unable to access information on the causes of homosexuality, and of any hope for change," Linda told Virtue Online.
Linda is free to set up a website to sell the crackpottery. Amazon chooses not to. And that's a fact. Gomes would like people to believe that there is a controversy with competing views. That is incorrect. There is a lack of evidence to support the idea that conversion therapy works and is not harmful. There is substantial evidence to the contrary in spite of the challenge for proving the absence of something.

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