Thursday, August 8, 2019

AFA Triples-Down on Anti-LGBT Bigotry

“The point of all this drivel is to sell a DVD.”
It's raining BS
Thursday I have received two emails (about an hour apart from each other) from Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon of American Family Association and the day is still young. Drag Queen Story Hour remains topical but Wildmon airs a multitude of other grievances.

AFA, an anti-LGBT hate group, is always looking for its next failed campaign. AFA's boycott of Target Stores was a dismal failure. Last March they were simply outraged over a Walmart Facebook ad featuring a gay date. Their protest went nowhere. Since then there have been countless petitions often featuring a manufactured victim of godless librulls.

Yesterday I wrote about AFA's latest fanaticism over Drag Queen Story Hour. It is quite moronic because parents can choose whether or not to take their children to an event.

Tim Wildmon
Tim Wildmon is covered in blood due to all of the hate and bigotry that he promotes.
Tim Wildmon is not very intelligent but even he should realize that he is not entitled to substitute his (poor) judgment for that of parents. Wildmon's angst over DQSH is based on anti-LGBT bigotry. Wildmon is a monomaniac as was his father Don Wildmon. Tim's children, Walker Wildmon and Wesley Wildmon are similarly afflicted.

The first email is titled: Whole Foods Markets supports teaming children up with drag queens. It repeats the bigotry from yesterday's missive. Tim Wildmon repeats the lie:
Whole Foods Market is a sponsor of Drag Queen Story Hour events designed to indoctrinate children into transgenderism and homosexuality. Their goal is to normalize the LGBTQ lifestyle.
The goal of Drag Queen Story Hour is to interest kids in reading, bring people to the library and teach kids that being different is not evil. There is no sinister hidden agenda. Wildmon's idiotic projection is designed to piss off supporters.

What amounts to a conspiracy theory says that people who bring their children to these events are misinformed. It is a reasonable supposition that those parents are better read, better informed and better educated than anyone in Tim Wildmon's orbit.

The second email is the more interesting of the two. It is titled: Tim's August Update to you. Gee thanks.

We begin with more sophistry over DQSH:
I admit that I don’t understand the “progressive” mind.

When public libraries – in the name of tolerance and diversity – invite transvestite “drag queens” to read to a group of children – I am NOT sympathetic.

Even as I write this, I feel my anger rising.
Why, exactly, is Tim Wildmon angry? The moron doesn't seem to accept that simple fact that no one is forced to bring their kids to an event that he disapproves of.

I wish this insanity represented isolated events, but it does not. …
No shit Tim. the ultimate consumers of Drag Queen Story Hour are children with the approval of their parents. Intelligent people know that it's not going to turn them LGBT. The kids get it and they love these events.
Eventually Wildmon gets to the point of this imbecility
Send us $$$ so that we can bitch to Whole Foods
More injustices from Church Busybody
Let there be no doubt that the intent of these far-left extremists is pure evil. Consider these recent attempts to radicalize our children and grandchildren:
“Extremists.” “Pure evil.” “Radicalize.” Mr. Wildmon is projecting. Bigotry from religious zealots is pure evil.
Arthur (PBS) – In May, the beloved animated children's series revealed that one of its longtime main characters and Arthur's teacher, Mr. Ratburn, is "gay" and getting married.
Yeah Tim. Gay people do exist and sometimes they get married. Children might have a teacher who is gay and married. Some kids are gay. Some kids have parents who are gay and married. What is your malfunction Tim?
Cartoon Network – For LGBTQ Pride Month in June, the popular children's network tweeted out the message: "We want to wish everyone a HAPPY PRIDE and encourage all of our LGBTQ+ fans to stand proud all year long!"
A tweet? A fucking tweet creates outrage? Trump tweets out several lies every single day along with expressions of racism. When did Wildmon ever criticize the crazy orange thing? Pride Month would be unnecessary were it not for religious nitwits.
These purveyors of evil don't care what parents and grandparents think. They are aiming for our children.
Evil? Actually, they are not dissuaded from being caring and polite by whacked-out religious zealots.
This clearly demonstrates two critical realities for America going forward: 1) Christians must be instructed about what the Bible teaches and what it means for our nation’s moral foundations; and 2) Christians must be salt and light – including being active in culture and politics.
Wildmon's reaction demonstrates the reality that he lives in a fantasy. Furthermore, there is nothing inherently wrong with adherents understanding the dogma. Where it crosses a line is when the fanatics try to impose those beliefs on everyone else. We are a secular society and we intend to remain a secular society regardless of a group of noisy religious extremists.

The overwhelming majority of Christians and Jews understand that. Wildmon speaks with an outsized voice for a small number of radical Christians.
The point of all this drivel is to sell a DVD
The appeal is not terribly original but Wildmon's constituency is gullible. He is perfectly willing to fleece ignorant people while calling others evil.

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