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Brian S, Brown's money-grubber offers his solution to mass shootings

“…donating money to IOF is not going to reduce mass shootings.”
Brian S. Brown
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According to Brian S. Brown his International Organization for the Family (part of an anti-LGBT hate group) is the answer to mass shootings. If only you will open your wallet and send Bri some money. The missive is titled: When Families Fail - IOF News:
Much of the news cycle in the past week or so has been consumed with the horrific news of mass shootings in several US cities. These tragic events leave people shell-shocked, wondering what can be done to prevent future senseless killings. An op-ed in the Los Angeles Times written by researchers who have studied in depth every single mass shooting in the United States since 1966 has shed some light on a critical aspect experienced by every single mass shooter: they were a victim of family failure. Our own Doug Clark writes about this below in this edition of our newsletter.
Brown does not provide a link to the OpEd but I will. We have studied every mass shooting since 1966. Here’s what we’ve learned about the shooters. The claim of “family failure” is vague and only partially relevant. The real issue is childhood trauma:
First, the vast majority of mass shooters in our study experienced early childhood trauma and exposure to violence at a young age. The nature of their exposure included parental suicide, physical or sexual abuse, neglect, domestic violence, and/or severe bullying. The trauma was often a precursor to mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, thought disorders or suicidality.
The other elements in the OpEd are:
  • A recent, identifiable crisis point.
  • The shooters were students of other shooters.
  • The shooters all had the means to carry out their plans.
The first thing the authors wrote in the way of solutions is:
One step needs to be depriving potential shooters of the means to carry out their plans. Potential shooting sites can be made less accessible with visible security measures such as metal detectors and police officers. And weapons need to be better controlled, through age restrictions, permit-to-purchase licensing, universal background checks, safe storage campaigns and red-flag laws — measures that help control firearm access for vulnerable individuals or people in crisis.
I have no clue who Doug Clark is. He writes as “E. Douglas Clark, Director of UN and International Policy.” IOF is just an assumed name for Howard Center For Family Religion and Society. In any event, E. Douglas Clark ignores the other three elements identified in the OpEd:
In short, when families fail, children suffer and nations flounder. In the words of Michael Novak, former US Ambassador to the UN Commission on Human Rights, “throughout history, nations have been able to survive a multiplicity of disasters— invasions, famines, earthquakes, epidemics, depressions— but they have never been able to survive the disintegration of the family.” Please join with us as IOF moves forward at an unprecedented pace to protect and promote the family worldwide. Our children and our future are at stake.
Michael Novak, a professor at Catholic University and noted Catholic philosopher, did serve as Ambassador to the UN Commission on Human Rights in 1981 and 1982. The position did not have an ambassador rank until 2006. The greater point is that donating money to IOF is not going to reduce mass shootings.

Brian S. Brown continues his dishonest money grubbing. Apparently his deceit is contagious.

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