Monday, August 12, 2019

Leave it to AFA to oppose red flag laws

American Family Association, an anti-LGBT hate group, could fuck up a wet dream.
Red flag laws allow a family member or police to ask a judge for permission to confiscate a person's firearms if they are a threat to themselves or others. Red flag laws have been demonstrated to substantially reduce suicides. I think that we can safely speculate that they might reduce the carnage that a minority of gun owners inflict on others. The weapons are returned to the owner after a specified period of time unless the court order is extended.

AFA's Chris Woodward offers: Another warning about 'red flag' laws versus Constitution. You would think that a rational Christian group would be all for diminishing gun violence but this is American Family Association and they are deranged to the point of echoing NRA talking points:
"I think the idea of trying to keep guns away from people who may be dangerous with them is very important," says Dr. Robert Young, executive editor of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGW). "But there is no red flag law now, or as proposed, that does that in any constitutional way, ensuring proper due process to the subjects of these orders."
Dr. Young has selective concerns about the Constitution. He was all for banning Florida doctors from asking about gun ownership. What happened to the First Amendment rights of those physicians? AFA seems to have gone out of their way to find the wing-nuttiest gun lunatic available. Young's argument is comparable to the NRA's assertion that banning people on the no-fly list from having guns might possibly ban someone not on the list.

Young has made numerous appearances on NRATV. He is a dependable ally of the NRA. Young, by the way, is a psychiatrist and he should know better.

Aside from the money flowing from the NRA to politicians, the biggest problem with effecting sane gun laws is the fact that gun violence is — fortunately — an abstraction for most people. People, like me, who have survived gun violence understand the potential havoc created by the American fetish for guns.

I know a couple of other things as well. I know that some people are not mentally fit for gun ownership and that includes me. I have acute PTSD and with it a volcanic temper. “Armed and dangerous” represents the appropriate coupling. Remember that guy who murdered a group of teens for their loud car stereo? That's me.

I also know that, in spite of my mental health history (which includes a determined effort to murder myself), I am not legally precluded from owning guns. That is crazier than I am. If I had a gun handy instead of a bottle of sleeping pills and a half-bottle of percocet I would be dead.

Dr. Robert Young doesn't seem to care about any of that. Nor does AFA. The folks at AFA align with the most radical elements of the political right. Hate group leader Tim Wildmon and his lot are profoundly un-Christian.

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