Thursday, August 1, 2019

The dishonesty is appalling

“If people are incapable of differentiating between a belief system and science, how can they possibly offer a responsible point of view?”
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via Washington Dept. of Licensing
Religious people are entitled to their faith-based beliefs. However, when they state those beliefs as pragmatic fact they are being dishonest. They are lying.

Washington State is going to issue driver's licenses with a non-binary option for “Sex.” People will have the option of an X instead of M or F. Department of Licensing Director Teresa Berntsen said in a statement to the Seattle Times: “By us acknowledging there are more than two forms of gender, we are acknowledging basic human rights.”

The scientific fact is that gender is a continuum with male and female at the extreme ends. A very small number of people, for a variety of reasons, consider themselves non-binary. Why should they be compelled to accept a designation on an official state document that is not really true? According to the same article in the Seattle Times:
The Department of Licensing held public-listening sessions on the idea before drafting rule language with the input, the governor’s office explained in a blog post. That process is set to conclude in August with a series of public hearings in Seattle, Olympia and Spokane, which may figure in the final proposed language.
In other words, this is an orderly process which allows input from the general public. If they asked me my answer would be: “I could not care less.” In other words it affects me in no way whatsoever.

As you might guess, religious zealots disagree:
Mark Miloscia, executive director of the Lynnwood-based Family Policy Institute of Washington, said his organization opposes the policy and intends to “unite Christians and other leaders” against what they view as an unscientific attempt to insert ideology into government documents.
As politely as I can state it, the above is bullshit on toast points. Miloscia's religious beliefs express an ideology. The fact that some people are non-binary is consistent with science. Stating that the science is an ideology is a lie. Religious fanatics insist on calling the science regarding gender, “gender ideology.” Doing so constructs a straw man designed to establish a respectable difference of opinion rather than disputing the scientific evidence. It is dishonest.

If people are incapable of differentiating between a belief system and science, how can they possibly offer a responsible point of view?

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