Wednesday, September 4, 2019

AFA's rhetoric is even more idiotic than I once thought

My visit to a local Target store and some simple logic settles the issue.
Tim Wildmon
AFA's Tim Wildmon is either a liar or an idiot - possibly both
via Jackson Free Press
The Wildmon family is not composed of NASA engineers. Don Wildmon, founder of American Family Association, is shrewd but not particularly intelligent. Tim Wildmon, who now runs the anti-LGBTQ hate group, isn't shrewd and is even less intelligent. Tim Wildmon's sons, Walker Wildmon and Wesley Wildmon, seemingly have the intellect of gladiolas.

There are other Wildmon family members at AFA's trough. They may not share the genes but they married these dunces. Mazel tov.

That brings me to AFA's jihad against Target Stores, an idiotic boycott that has failed miserably. Regardless of its lack of success it is premised on the false notion that transgender women pose a threat to cisgender women. That has morphed into the meme that accommodations for gender diverse people create a danger to women. It is positively ridiculous.

Most recently, this took the form:
It happened again. Target's dangerous policy of allowing men to enter women's dressing rooms has resulted in possible sexual crimes against female customers – both women and underage girls.
The perpetrator was a peeping Tom who drilled holes in a dressing room to spy on women.

I had not been in a Target store in a very long time. However, Target just opened a new store in South Beach. I was walking in that neighborhood over the weekend so I took a look.

It turns out that each dressing room is an individual, free-standing cubicle. All four exterior sides of the cubicle abut open areas of the store. These rooms can be used by men or women. Since they are individual units there is no reason to segregate them by sex.

It would appear that there are no “women's dressing rooms.” Now it is possible that some Target stores have more traditional dressing areas with multiple dressing rooms within sex-separated spaces. Assuming that is even true, the Wildmons have no idea which stores have which configuration. They do not care. They have made an accusation and they are determined to pretend that it is valid.

In fact, what makes perfect sense is that, in the instance that AFA cited, the stores must have the single-unit configuration. The guy is not going to stand outside the dressing room and drill holes. No indeed. He must have used the fitting room and drilled holes from the inside out (which also corresponds to the local news report).

“Out” would have to have been to a common area of the store. Otherwise he would be unable to exploit his handiwork.

In order to suit his sexual tastes he would have to know that the same dressing room was used by men and women. As AFA thoughtfully explains:
In May, Sean Anderson was arrested for allegedly taking pictures of undressed females after drilling holes in women's dressing rooms in several Target stores in Pennsylvania.
Therefore, that eliminates the sex-segregated dressing-area theory. None of this works unless the dressing rooms are unisex and unless the rooms have outside walls in common areas of the stores. In other words, the same configuration that I observed in South Beach.

Therefore, AFA and the Wildmons are being dishonest or stupid or both.

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