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Anne Paulk - Victimized again

Anne Paulk
Conversion therapy promoter Anne Paulk (circa 2017)
via American Family Association
A conversion therapy tout is terribly, terribly upset with dastardly Amazon.com.

Anne Paulk is the executive director of Restored Hope Network which seems to exist as a referral service to pray-your-gay-away enterprises. Ms. Paulk received a salary of $48,040 in 2017. It looks to me like she stole another $15,000 (it is so obvious) on which she probably did not pay taxes. In point of fact they paid someone to prepare the 2017 annual report for the IRS and it is rife with errors.

Perhaps I should file a referral with the Service. But I digress.

Paulk has enlisted the help of American Family Association, an anti-LGBTQ hate group, to complain that Amazon will not sell her self-serving book. The title of the tome is Restoring Sexual Identity: Hope for Women Who Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction. Utterly fascinating no doubt. According to one of AFA's propagandists, Steve Jordahl:
The world's largest online bookseller is being accused of banning faith-based books on how to heal from unwanted same-sex attractions, but continuing to peddle books that normalize pedophilia.
Jordahl doesn't point to a book on pedophilia but you would think, from Jordahl's prose, that Amazon has some obligation to sell Paulk's bullshit. Amazon hasn't “banned” anything. The company has made a decision not to sell books promoting conversion therapy. Maybe AFA can launch a silly boycott or petition. After all, their boycott of Target stores has been such a stunning success … for Target Corp.

Here is some of the boo-hoo:
"Amazon is choosing to banish religious-oriented books that are helpful and hopeful and even encouraging for those who want to leave homosexuality – who themselves have that as a goal," Paulk explains to OneNewsNow. "They are prohibiting a moral view, a Christian orthodox view, from the marketplace – and it is the world's largest online marketplace."
Restored Hope Network is comprised of the dead-enders from the now defunct Exodus, International. When Exodus closed shop in 2013 its leader, Alan Chambers, stated that it wasn't working. Nobody really changes. I guess the new name and address combine to make it effective. Speaking of which, the actual corporate name is Missouri Restored Hope Network but it's not in Missouri.

According to the IRS Business Master File, RHN is located in Colorado Springs which is why they filed their tax return with a Milwaukie, Oregon address (presumably where Paulk resides). RHN also claims to be a church. They also filed under the wrong name. It's supposed to match the BMF data. There is at least one schedule that is missing and others that are completed incorrectly.

Damn. With such keen attention to detail I'll write Jeff Bezos a note and demand that they start selling Paulk's book. In all seriousness, they have about 25 practitioners in the network. If they were really serious and if they were really helping people then they would be tracking those folks over several years and compiling the data.

The simple fact is that this is a fraud. A grift that Paulk has turned into employment. Conversion therapy is ineffective and harmful. It's up to them to prove otherwise. They cannot and they will not.
The banning of her book, says the executive director of Restored Hope Network, is hurting her ministry and keeping help from those who want it.

"There are probably about a dozen or more books that have been banned at this point by Amazon Marketplace," she adds. "And so what I see is a trend to solidify a negative worldview based out of lies, essentially [stating] that 'help leaving homosexuality' is harmful and only 'embracing or affirming homosexuality' is to be allowed."
I am delighted that this is hurting their business. Fewer people being made more neurotic than they already are. They always juxtaposition their negatives against the false narrative that gays seek to have their sexual orientation embraced or “affirmed.”

Ms. Paulk thinks too much of herself. We are not seeking her approval and we certainly do not require her approval.

As I have already stated, if it really works then it is their obligation to prove that it works. Until then I will subscribe to the overwhelming consensus that conversion therapy is ineffective and harmful.

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