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FRC: "4 Resources for Parents to Fight Transgender Ideology and Policy in Public Schools"

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If Family Research Council wants to have an adult conversation about transgender students then they should approach it in an adult manner. Grownups do not call a medical condition an ideology. According to unnamed authors at FRC:
As the new school year begins, parents are discovering that transgender ideology and policy has taken hold in schools across the country. Teachers are being disciplined and fired for refusing to use the preferred pronouns of transgender-identifying students, kids are being locked in to transgender identities that they would otherwise naturally grow out of, girls are having to fend for themselves after finding boys who think they are girls in their restrooms, showers, and locker rooms, and boys who think they are girls are competing in and winning girls’ sporting events.
  • “Transgender-identifying” suggests an element of choice. The correct term is simply transgender students.
  • Teachers are obliged to conform to school policy. That includes addressing any transgender students by gender-correct pronouns. The effect of doing so is limited to the transgender student who deserves that measure of kindness and respect. There is nothing for parents to “fight.”
  • Most children who experience gender dysphoria do, in fact, grow out of it. However, transitioned kids almost never desist. The persistence of gender dysphoria is directly related to its severity. Why is this anyone's business other than the trans kid, their parents and their doctor?
  • The notion that trans girls pose a threat to cisgender girls is not only nonsensical, it is not supported by any evidence. The kids usually understand better than some of their parents.
  • FRC, an anti-LGBTQ hate group, is less concerned with the fairness of athletic competitions than using sports as a means of denigrating transgender students. It precludes a rational conversation over qualifications to compete which should be related to medications (dosage and length of time that the child has been consuming them) and the advice of a qualified physician.
The first of these “resources” is a pamphlet by Peter Sprigg. Therein:
The most important thing for Christian parents to communicate to their children about this issue is that God created each of us either male or female, as it says in Genesis 1:27 (NASB): “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”
What he is saying is that parents should tell kids that scripture cannot be superseded by medical science. These are the parents that some schools are forced to deal with. It is not religious persecution to establish that, for the benefit of all students, school policies are premised on the best available information. Science is based upon evidence. It is unfair for Christian literalists to inflict their beliefs on everyone else lest they be regarded as American Taliban.
Find out if your school’s curriculum discusses topics such as sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. If so, what does it say about these topics? What sources are cited for the material being taught? In many cases, information will be taught which is supplied by LGBT activist groups and is not necessarily objective or even scientifically accurate.
Because, after all, the Sprigg is always scientifically accurate as in Genesis 1:27. Sprigg asserts incorrectly that gender identity and sexual orientation are choices heavily influenced by parenting. Sprigg champions conversion therapy. Information that does not conform to Christian literalism will be deemed inaccurate. Sprigg makes conservative parents into nuisances if education does not conform to their extreme religious beliefs:
If not satisfied by conversations with the child’s teacher, you can talk with the principal. If not satisfied with either the teacher or the principal, you can communicate or seek an appointment with the district school superintendent. If not satisfied with (or unable to get a response from) the superintendent, you may have to appeal to members of your district’s governing school board (or School Committee or Board of Education—different areas use different terms).
Unfortunately some of these parents will, in frustration, harm their own children with homeschooling.
People may ask, “Well, what should we do about a transgender student?” Some children change their gender identity with the full support of parents (who have themselves been influenced by the culture), so it may be difficult for the school to refuse to recognize this change altogether. However, even if a child who identifies as transgender is recognized by the school, you can emphasize:
Allow me to paraphrase. Trans kids should be required to use private facilities. Sprigg calls this marginalization a “generous accommodation.” Secondly, Sprigg tells parents that their children should respect a trans classmate but not use his or her preferred pronouns. That is what passes for Christian Compassion™.

The second resource is a video of a 2017 panel discussion of four people including one Fairfax, VA school board member, Elizabeth Schultz. I covered this in more detail two years ago. Suffice it to say that none of the four people on the panel had expertise in human sexuality, particularly adolescent gender dysphoria.

The third resource is a pamphlet at Minnesota Family Council which asks too many question before allowing me to download the damned thing. Nevertheless:
A compassionate and honest approach to such sexual confusion would be to help children bring their feelings into accord with the reality of their bodies, but transgender activists are pushing an agenda that insists the body should be remade to conform with feelings. As such, the transgender trend spreads a confusing message to all kids, including those who suffer from gender dysphoria, a psychological condition in which a child feels alienated from his or her biological sex.
I find it odd that, in the paragraph above, they did not link to any science which supports their religious theory. It is blame-the-activists bullshit. First they state:
Science and reason informed the development of this guide, both of which provide solid common ground among people of all faiths and political allegiances.
However, later on:
Gender is the idea that our identity is determined by feelings without any reference to the body. When the idea of gender is accepted and the mind is considered superior to the body, there is no limit to who - or what - one might imagine themselves to be. Sexual identity, or one’s sex as male or female, is an unchangeable biological reality; gender says that one can choose, change, or abandon sexual identity altogether. Gender is frequently and incorrectly used as a synonym for sex. When making reference to the body, avoid the term ‘gender’ and use the term ‘sex’ instead.
How very goddamned scientific it all is. If that is not facile enough for you, there is this:

The transgender movement has been racing through our society at a breakneck pace, making false and misleading claims about the human body and sexual identity. This movement is based on the false premise that there is a separation between the mind and the body, and that our sexual identity as male or female is rooted in feelings instead of a biological reality. The following sections will address some of the false claims made by gender ideology and offer counterpoints based on objective reality and common sense.
Take my word for it. This does not get any more intelligent.

Finally, the fourth resource is a post at Heritage Foundation titled: We Fought the Transgender Activists, and Lost. Here Are 5 Lessons for Every Parent. It was written by someone named Kristen Allen of Arlington, VA. I covered this in detail in July. The bottom line is that the school board came to the realization that Kristen Allen is a crank. She is of the opinion that the school board requires her consent over curricula.

Moreover, her fight was not with proverbial activists. Not at all. She was at odds with professional educators.
Ultimately there just are not enough trans kids to present a problem for any rational, thinking parent. School children tend to be accepting of transgender classmates. Bigoted parents are required for the kids to possibly perceive that trans kids are evil or a threat. Family Research Council seeks to rally Christian parents to become real activists to fight non-existent activists.

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