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Perhaps NASA is designing a new spaceship to fly to heaven

Faith-based religion does not mingle well with evidence-based science.
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The Slowly Boiled Frog's search function has become a card catalog of religious lunatics at the fringes of civilized society. Imagine my delight at finding a berserk person new to this blog. This one falsely claims that the Equality Act would federally ban conversion therapy. She also claims that it will destroy free speech.

I do not know who, or what, Maria Martinez is but she has some rather odd ideas about sexual orientation. What is baffling is that Maria Martinez claims to be a Texas lawyer. Yet she is incapable of reading and comprehending legislative text. I have been trying to track down this nitwit to no avail. I desire the simple pleasure of telling her that she is a mindless idiot who is functionally illiterate.

Among other things Martinez claims that HR-5 would ban conversion therapy. Perhaps it should but it does not. This stupidity is not just at one outlet. Tell the conservative Christians something that they want to hear and it ends up at multiple outlets. Each one fails to do any fact checking which, in this case, simply means reading the legislative measure in question.

But first, according to Ms. Martinez:
As a teenager, Nate Oyloe was attracted to other boys. Hoping to change his sexual attractions, he sought therapy. Today, he is happily married to a woman. Most people would be glad that Nate has achieved the life he wanted. But not everyone is. Lawmakers in his home state of Minnesota recently passed a law banning the kind of therapy Nate received to help him overcome his unwanted same-sex attraction.
Nate Oyloe
Nate Oyloe - Yes, I know
what you are all thinking.
via Door of Hope
Oyloe is an associate director of Door of Hope ministries in Blaine, MN. According to the Service, the name is Door of Hope Redeeming Lives Restoring Families. 2017 revenues were just over $100,000. Oyloe's introduction page does not indicate that he is ex-gay.

Martinez is getting her information from a February, 2019 op-ed by Oyloe in the StarTribune opposing Minnesota's adolescent conversion therapy ban. It is titled: Proposed 'conversion therapy ban': But, remember — not all with same-sex attractions want them:
My story is simple. Because of my religious faith, I decided to make different choices about my same-sex attractions. With the help of qualified mental health professionals and pastoral caregivers, I was able to bring my sexuality into full harmony with my faith.

I was not coerced or abused — I was honored and loved. I was given the power of choice and the dignity to think for myself.
Note the plurals. How many people were involved in his “therapy?” More importantly, those two paragraphs are mutually exclusive. If someone is trying to align their sexuality to their religious faith that means aligning to religious dogma. That is most certainly not thinking for himself. Later on Oyloe writes:
Mental health professionals sometimes help people with questions about their sexual orientation or gender identity in a way that affirms a traditional or biblical view of sexuality.
That, of course, is oxymoronic. No mental health professional (in the true sense of the word) engages in practices that have no scientific basis. Certainly not with minors.

Biblical views are part of a belief system based on faith. Medicine is supposed to be a science and science is based on evidence. Attempting to combine the two is like NASA designing a new spaceship to fly to heaven. It just doesn't work.

There's that old adage which makes perfect sense: “If it ain't broke, don't fix it.” The likelihood is that Oyloe's sexuality has not changed. He is as gay or bisexual as he was as a teen, assuming that he is being truthful.

A child cannot provide informed consent. Engaging in therapy to satisfy others, such as parents or clergy, is very unhealthy. Add to that the fact that conversion therapy is pseudo-science and it is easy to understand why no ethical mental health professional would provide such treatment.

Every mainstream medical and counseling association in the United States has determined that conversion therapy is ineffective and harmful.

At best conversion therapy teaches gay people how to pretend to be straight. How many kids have to be fucked up so that someone can claim to be “cured” of something that requires no cure?

Martinez and the god squad are the very same people who claim that endocrinologists should not be treating gender incongruent kids because it amounts to experimentation. That is in spite of the endorsement by the Endocrine Society and the existence of a mountain of evidence that the benefits of puberty blockers and hormones far outweigh the concerns.

Ms. Martinez uncritically repeats senseless rhetoric;
To date, twenty states and many cities have made it illegal to offer therapy for minors unless it affirms the LGBT agenda — and several more are considering similar bans. In these jurisdictions, therapists may help a child or teen accept same-sex attraction or a different gender identity, but they will not help a teen who aspires to change his same-sex attraction or sexual identity. It is illegal even to ask questions to help a child explore underlying issues related to sexual orientation or gender identity.
“Affirms the LGBT agenda?” What on earth is this woman saying? People do not ordinarily require therapy to affirm their sexuality. Parental or religious disapproval is required to make kids neurotic. The only agenda is to treat children with the kindness that they deserve.

Martinez' last sentence is based on the false premise that sexuality she disapproves of must be the product of some underlying cause. Sexual orientation and gender identity are formed in children by about two years of age. For most of those two years children have very limited cognition.

Conversion therapy is based on healing the awful things inflicted on children by crappy parents. Some great parents raise gay or trans kids while positively dreadful parents usually raise straight/cisgender kids.

Make believe:
The Equality Act uses the controversial term "conversion therapy" and specifically bans it as "a form of discrimination." That term is often used to refer to outdated forms of therapy such as electroshock or aversion therapy, techniques that used to be common for a variety of psychological issues but have long been discontinued.
The fact that these quacks are no longer using shock treatment (one can only hope) doesn't mean that conversion therapy is not harmful. It is just as emotionally damaging now as it was then. It damages whole families with blame and shame. It also encourages children to lie to their parents about a change that never happens.

There is actually a link in the above quote to the text of HR-5, The Equality Act which Ms. Martinez has not read or does not understand if she did read it. Conversion therapy is mentioned just once in the findings of the House:
(7) The discredited practice known as “conversion therapy” is a form of discrimination that harms LGBTQ people by undermining individuals sense of self worth, increasing suicide ideation and substance abuse, exacerbating family conflict, and contributing to second class status.
That paragraph is correct in every way. However, the Act does not “ban” conversion therapy as Ms. Martinez alleges.

Ms. Martinez' convictions produce one idiotic paragraph after another and there was no editor to offer adult supervision:
This is the type of counseling the Equality Act would outlaw. You don't need a law degree to see that this would be a serious violation of free speech rights. …
The Equality Act's ban on gender counseling will violate the rights of anyone seeking help but will be particularly devastating for minors. For example, Jay Keck writes about his 14-year-old autistic daughter …
Jay Keck is full of crap. More importantly, there is no evidence whatsoever that any form of therapy can change anyone's gender which is what would be necessary to cure gender dysphoria. There is no connection between autism and gender dysphoria.

If Maria Martinez really is a lawyer she would be inept at fighting a speeding ticket.

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