Thursday, September 19, 2019

Someone at NOM tried to reconstitute the blog - Of course it's fucked up

Brian S. Brown
Thursday, the National Organization for Marriage Blog seems to have been resuscitated. NOM's blog is a useful chronicle of incompetence, misadventure and failure.

National Organization for Marriage only does one thing: It asks for money. NOM uses those funds to support enough structure to ask for more money. A great deal of that money ended up in the hands of Brian S. Brown and others who looted the organization. (I barely scratched the surface of the corruption.) Through 2017 NOM burned through about $70 million and has nothing to show for it.

You would think that, just by sheer happenstance, NOM would succeed at something. Anything. Maybe there is a god after all.

Brian S. Brown is oblivious to details. NOM's blog — — disappeared in late May. It's anyone's guess how that happened because NOM still owned the domain which was subsequently renewed on August 8. Meanwhile at NOM's main site — — no one was smart enough to delete the main menu item pointing to the nonexistent blog. It's the little details that separate amateurs from professionals.

Brian S. Brown is capable of focusing. However that focus seems to be limited to putting money in his own pockets. The evil genius behind diverting NOM's limited funds was probably not Brown but Neil Corkery who also lined his pockets. John Eastman, NOM's chairman, got a piece of the pie as well. But I digress.

The last item posted to NOM's blog was on May 21, 2019. At least that is the most recent item in my aggregator. If you pull up the blog now, the most recent item — the post which appears on the home page — is dated August 15, 2017. The next post after that is dated November 5, 2013. Incidentally, the 2013 post was a failed attempt to prevent marriage equality in Illinois. The more recent 2017 post was a failed attempt to get money to inspire the passage of the dead First Amendment Defense Act which was already in decomp.

Other interesting fare is The National Organization for Marriage Launches Independent Expenditure Campaign In Support Of Steve Lonegan for US Senate in New Jersey from October, 2013. Needless to say, that also failed. Cory Booker defeated Lonegan by a substantial margin.

So to summarize, a blog which never should have expired went to its demise. Someone applied an external defibrillator without paying attention to what content would be served.

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