Thursday, September 12, 2019

Today's Spectacular Stupidity Award

Wisconsin State Sen. André Jacque
On any given day there is fierce competition: Who will prevail over other idiots. If American Family Association is correct, that award goes to State Senator André Jacque of Wisconsin:
A state senator is pushing his colleagues to stop allowing aborted fetuses to be used for medical experiments.

Sen. Andrew [SIC] Jacque tells OneNewsNow that his bill would stop the trafficking, exploitation, use, or transfer of aborted children's body parts, and it would require recording the gender and type of handicap of aborted babies.
Trafficking? Exploitation? Numerous states investigated Planned Parenthood for wrongdoing regarding fetal tissue donations. Every state which did so cleared Planned Parenthood. That includes Red states like Texas, Georgia and Indiana. The House Oversight Committee has a summary.

What, exactly is the benefit of frustrating the acquisition of fetal tissue for research at major universities? Doing so could have a direct effect on our health and on advances in medical science. There is no substitute for naive fetal tissue.
“As well as making sure that any human remains from an abortion,” he says, “are disposed of in a way that, whether that's burial, entombment, cremation, but in a way that is more respectful than currently, which is unfortunately as medical waste or put down the drain.”
Because turning the tissue into useless ash is better than using that tissue to advance medical science.

Runner-up is our friend Charlie Butts for lauding this imbecile on AFA's news blog.

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