Saturday, October 12, 2019

A petition that you MUST sign

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I rarely do this but I was moved by the description and appalled by the homophobia:

LGBTQ Students

David — Mason wants to start a Gay-Straight Alliance club at his high school in rural Georgia. He says that students are being bullied for being different, and Mason is hoping that a new club will provide a supportive and safe space for LGBTQ kids. But another student at the school has started a rival petition, "don’t let homosexuality be pushed on students in Fannin County." Add your name to support students like Mason who are working to make all kids feel safe and welcome.

“don’t let homosexuality be pushed on students in Fannin County?” The school is not doing well with respect to English grammar but that is less relevant than my reaction to the homophobia. This is worth a signature.

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