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A hate group trifecta

“Cretella is claiming that several physicians, in concert, would intentionally misdiagnose a child with gender dysphoria because they hold some kind of philosophy. The very notion is just crazy.”
Michelle Cretella
Michelle Cretella | via YouTube
According to American Family Association: Jury allows 'real tragedy'
A Texas father has lost his fight to stop the gender transition of his son who, according to one expert, does not even have gender dysphoria.
That expert is, of course, Michelle Cretella, executive director of American College of Pediatricians — a tiny hate group based in Gainesville, Florida.
Though Younger disputes the information, a jury in Dallas has prevented the father from having sole custody. That means James' mother – a pediatrician – can give the child hormone replacement therapy.
Where the hell do these idiots get their information from? The child is seven. She will not be a candidate for even puberty blockers for another roughly five years. I keep seeing this bullshit over and over again. My guess is that it stems from the kid's moronic father — a total loser and proven pathological liar.
"What stuns me is that the pro-transgender physicians and therapists who this mother has working with her son all came out and admitted that James does not always say he is a girl," says Michelle Cretella, MD, FCP, executive director of American College of Pediatricians. "They all admitted that there is 'fluidity' in his thinking."

That, says Cretella, shows this child does not have gender dysphoria.
In Michelle-World, any clinician who does not adhere to the dogma of the Catholic Church that transgender people do not exist is labeled “pro-transgender.” It is more likely that they are pro-medical science. I have no idea where Cretella is getting her information from. She does not have transcripts. However, I know to a certainty that Dr. Michelle Cretella is not qualified to render a diagnosis associated with gender dysphoria one way or the other.

Cretella has not been licensed in years which means that she has been relieved of continuing education and maintenance of certification obligations. She was never a behavioral health specialist and she does not believe that gender dysphoria is what it is. Furthermore, she has never treated anyone with gender dysphoria and she has never met the child. Nor has she spoken with any of the medical professionals who are treating the child.

Dr. Anne Georgulas is a licensed, board-certified pediatrician. She is also an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. She has terrible taste in husbands but she is a respected medical professional.

More “pro-transgender” bullshit from would-be Sister Cretella:
"In the pro-transgender medical world, diagnosis of gender dysphoria in children comes because the child consistently and persistently insists that he is a girl or she is a boy," she explains. "The key words that the pro-transgender docs latch onto are 'consistently' and 'persistently insisting,' [and] he clearly doesn't fit the mold."
A diagnosis of gender dysphoria — according to DSM-5 — is based on the child meeting at least six of eight objective criteria. There is no such thing as a “pro-transgender” doctor. Luna has doctors who have special expertise in this area. Given that they were chosen by a competent mother and pediatrician it seems safe to assume that those clinicians know what they are doing.

Cretella is claiming that several physicians, in concert, would intentionally misdiagnose a child with gender dysphoria because they hold some kind of philosophy. The very notion is just crazy. It is easy for Michelle Cretella to become wed to this kind of conspiracy theory because she substitutes the catechism of the Catholic Church for medical judgment. Cretella is projecting.
"This is a child who is torn between his parents and wants to please them both," she stresses. "It's absolutely mind-boggling to me that jurors would not see through this, that our legal system would allow this to fly, that the so-called medical experts on the mother's side would not put the child's best interest at heart and say, 'Look, this is clearly a child who is going through a traumatic situation here,' because divorce, by definition, is traumatic to children."
So now she is claiming that the doctors have more important priorities than the child's best interests. What is mind boggling is that a Texas jury came to this conclusion, 11-1. It is, after all, Texas.
Up next — Hate group leader Mad Mat Staver
This schmuck knows even less than Cretella:
"This is a real tragedy," thinks attorney Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel. "It is literally a life-altering decision that is permanent, that will damage him, and that will have lifelong consequences."

Staver adds there are individuals who have gone through gender transition therapy and now have regrets.
First of all, if she desists over the next four or five years it will mean nothing more than changing her hairstyle and attire. Even then, if she is taking puberty blockers, ceasing the medication will cause her to experience nothing more onerous than puberty. There are individuals who have transitioned and then detransitioned but the desistance rates are minuscule.
"They're saying, 'It doesn't make you happy. It doesn't change your sex. It doesn't do anything but mutilate your body and wrap you into chains that actually are worse than when you began,'" Staver explains. "What really is the answer to any of this confusion, this search for identity, is having your identity in Jesus Christ, knowing that you are a special individual created in the image of God."
“They” is one person. Walt Heyer who is batshit crazy. Heyer claims that he should have been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.

I have said it before and I will say it again. All of this nonsense has nothing to do with what is best for Luna. It is all based on the idea that the existence of transgender people creates a conflict with Genesis 1:27. The Vatican has admitted as much as have other conservative Christians.

It is worth noting that American Family Association, American College of Pediatricians and Liberty Counsel have something in common. All three are designated as anti-LGBTQ hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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