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Armstrong Williams explains the "Deep State" - Compares Trump to MLK

Armstrong Williams
Armstrong Williams is an untethered Trump apologist
via YouTube
Armstrong williams is an audacious individual. Williams is a profoundly — and openly — homophobic man. Yet, in some gay circles, he is known as Strongarm Williams. On at least two occasions Williams has been sued by young men accusing Williams of sexual harassment. The 1997 suit was settled out of court, allegedly when the accuser presented affidavits from other young men. Similarly, the 2016 suit was settled out of court.

Williams has been carrying an excuse bag for Donald Trump since Trump's 2016 campaign. Williams is still at it because, as an allied conservative African-American media personality, Williams has a significant economic interest in convincing people that Trump is not only a wonderful human being but a victim of godless liberals. Conservatives adore victims — real or imagined.

The latest comes from Williams via Heritage Foundation's intellectually mediocre blog: The Deep State Plot Against Trump. The so-called “Deep State” is a conspiracy theory holding that career employees of various federal agencies are undermining Trump. Stephen Miller recently said that the Ukraine whistleblower is a “deep state operative.”

In a 2017 piece in Foreign Affairs, law professor, Jon D. Michaels does a pretty good job of debunking the whole idea:
U.S. administrative fragmentation makes it hard for things to get done—but it also makes the notion of a coordinated, secret conspiracy by multiple state actors laughable. Tree huggers in the Environmental Protection Agency live to enforce the Clean Air Act, and latter-day Eliot Nesses in the Treasury Department obsess about combating corruption and fraud.
Armstrong Williams doesn't mind being laughed at. Not at all. Trump is not only wonderful but should be compared to Dr. Martin Luther King:
King countered that the system of oppression was so entrenched in American society that no legal action would effectively challenge its injustice. As a result, he adopted a radical new strategy—nonviolent disobedience.

His reasoning was based, not in man’s law, but a higher one: “Just as it is wrong to use immoral means to attain moral ends,” he said in his letter from a Birmingham jail, “it is just as wrong, or perhaps even more so, to use moral means to preserve immoral ends.”

President Donald Trump, facing a similar historical arc, is signaling just that.
A conspiracy theory within a conspiracy theory:
Many of the so-called “revelations” and “allegations” used as justification for these inquiries have emerged from anonymous sources and so-called whistleblowers within the administration and the intelligence community.

The timing seems a tad suspicious.
The fact that the Ukraine whistleblower is anonymous is irrelevant. The allegations have been confirmed by the White House's doctored telephone summary and by Trump's big mouth. As for the timing, the complaint was filed shortly after the telephone call. The IG attempted to bury the complaint but it eventually surfaced, in part, because the whistleblower — prior to filing the complaint — discussed it with Chairman Adam Schiff. Schiff waited for the complaint to be forwarded to his intelligence committee, as required by law. It never came.
The likely reason for such unified rancor is perhaps that Trump’s foreign policy “infractions” have riled an especially entrenched set of interests within America’s military and its intelligence communities. It is telling, perhaps, that the mainstream media, which constantly hounded President George W. Bush’s administration over its wars, seems to take particular umbrage at Trump’s efforts to extract America from that very trap.
The media were critical not of Bush's wars (plural) but over the invasion of Iraq, the cooked intelligence, the attempts to blame Iraq for 9/11, the costs, the torture, the carnage, the deals with Halliburton and so on. Our mission in Syria differed in that it was justified and limited in scope and resources with a small force. With the help of our allies, the Kurds, we were keeping ISIS at bay. It was a successful use of American military force.

The rancor is not over imagined interests. Rather is is over the fact that we were disloyal to an ally we committed to support. Moreover, Trump put the withdrawal of troops in hiatus after Gen. Mattis quit the administration in protest. In very impulsive fashion, without consulting military experts within the administration and the armed services and without discussions with our allies, Trump made some sort of deal with Turkey.

The chaos and carnage has caused the Kurds to now align with our adversaries; Russia and the Assad regime. Congratulations Donald Trump on the fuck-up. What I want to know is what Trump got out of the deal with Turkey because trump acts exclusively out of self-interest.

You are going to love this part
The fever pitch over Trump’s unorthodoxy has reached such a crescendo that normally staid, middle-of-the-road Republicans, including Rudy Giuliani and former House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, have taken to defending our president by casually evoking the darkly conspiratorial “deep state.”
Giuliani and Nunes are staid, middle-of-the-road GOPers? Even from a Trump apologist like Williams that is simply absurd. And who the hell edits Heritage Foundation's blog?
No one knows who the members of this “deep state” shadow organization are for sure, and no one is naming names. Regardless, it seems to hound the president at every turn.
Donald Trump is hounded by his own misadventures. More than anything, Trump is dishonest. He has told nearly 14 thousand lies over a 1,000 day span.

Perhaps Mr. Williams likes being lied to. Trump is a conspiracy theorist. We know this because he is a Birther. Trump is currently using taxpayer money to attempt to confirm the CrowdStrike conspiracy theory which holds that Russia did not meddle in the 2016 election and that the DNC's mail server is being hidden in Ukraine to prevent analysis of who stole the emails.

Does Williams honestly expect the media and the public to be silent over such dishonesty? Trump obstructed justice in the Mueller probe. Did some nefarious forces inside the bureaucracy force him to do so?

Later on more comparisons to the late Martin Luther King:
Many of our citizens and our institutions have adopted incrementalism as a lingua franca. The same inertia that caused civil rights leaders oppose [sic] to King’s radical new approach to leading social change also opposes Trump’s efforts to almost singlehandedly [sic] transform the American geopolitical framework.
Lingua franca is a pretension meaning common language. The sentence structure personifies inertia as an opposing force. Who in the hell edits this idiotic blog? Williams' assumption is that Trump's policies make sense. Trump has transformed the geopolitical structure that we depend upon.

Trump is in the process of wrecking that framework including our foreign alliances. No one trusts American commitments anymore and the entire world knows that our president is a sociopath and pathological liar. If Williams can name one selfless initiative on Trump's part I would be surprised. We used to say that our president is “the leader of the free world.” Obama was — Trump isn't.
Interests currently invested in continued militarism, lax immigration, unfair trade, and unchecked indebtedness fear that Trump’s new direction will starve them of wealth and influence. To a certain extent that is true. Charting a new course might force painful realignments around values and priorities, but it ultimately bends the United States in the right direction.
Bullshit. Maintaining a presence in Syria to support our allies and keep ISIS kneecapped is not militarism. Those who oppose kids in cages and frustrating asylum seekers are not after lax immigration. No one benefits from unfair trade but tariffs are the wrong approach. Republicans are free-traders. At least they were.

Unchecked indebtedness was created by the recent tax cut which was premised on the imbecilic supply-side idea of “trickle-down” economics which has never worked. It is simply an excuse for Republicans to reward their wealthy base.

Williams refers to values and bending the country in the right direction. The values that we have lost to Trump are our collective dignity and decency. President Obama was a very dignified and decent leader who never lied and never acted out of self-interest. Obama represented this country with enormous respectability … and poise. What we had on deposit in the civility and reputation bank has been squandered by an unscrupulous maniac.
Two distinct and interrelated aspects of U.S. policy under Trump seem to have particularly irritated the ruling cabal. They are our longstanding strategic alliance with Israel and our economic dependence on the Gulf oil trade. Both attachments have driven us down a sordid rabbit hole of war, debt, and injustice that has cost us more than is returned.
More BS. Obama was as supportive of Israel as Trump. The only thing that people opposed was moving our embassy to Jerusalem. Of the 158 countries that maintain diplomatic relations with Israel, just two — the United States and Guatemala — have established embassies in Jerusalem. It is antithetical to a two-state peace resolution. Trump was probably trying to create a return on Sheldon Adelson's investment.

I have no idea what Williams is referring to regarding oil. Trump starts with the proposition of being a climate denier. He and Kushner seem to have a self-serving business relationship with Saudi Arabia and it's ostensible ruler, Mohammad Bin Salman. Trump has not condemned MBS for his role in the torture and assassination of Jamal Khashoggi in spite of the CIA's confirmation that MBS was responsible.

Concerns for our environment and energy independence are interrelated. Public policy begins with accepting the science. Trump does not accept the science in order to pander to his base. The “Deplorables” are willingly ignorant.
In extricating America from needless attachments—both antipathies and alliances—Trump seems to be keeping his promise to place first his duty to America’s direct interests above all others.
Trump has only one interest: What benefits Donald John Trump. America's interests might accidentally coincide with Trump's personal economic interests but, when they are in conflict, Trump's wallet prevails.

Close to his conclusion:
The Democrats already got a bite at the apple with the lengthy Mueller investigation; it was fully investigated and reported with not a single significant finding against Trump. Now they are trying their hand at unseating Trump through an impeachment investigation that seems oddly disruptive given the proximity of an election that could easily decide it all.
  • In addition to obstruction of justice, the Mueller report depicts a Trump campaign that expected to “benefit electorally” from information stolen and released by Russia and a president who engaged in alarming actions that included seeking the ouster of former officials and ordering a memo that would clear his name.
  • The Trump campaign attempted to obtain Hillary Clinton’s private emails.
  • The probe is responsible for about 15 other investigations, some of which are still in process.
  • Manafort and Cohen are in prison. Flynn awaits sentencing.
  • Thirty-four individuals and three companies were indicted by Mueller's investigators.
  • In spite of Trump's refusal to admit it, Mueller clearly and conclusively established that Russia interfered in our 2016 election.
Trump will serve as president until January 20, 2021. The proximity of the next election is not relevant to Trump's misdeeds. While it is unlikely that the Senate will convict Trump, the House has an obligation to essentially censure Trump for his high crimes and misdemeanors.

The MAGA crowd will go to their graves thinking that Trump was a god. Historians, on the other hand, will conclude that Trump was the worst president of the United States — ever.

Trump's crookedness makes Nixon look like an innocent angel. Trump hasn't the class to resign from office. If his approval continues to decline, Trump might very well pull out of the race rather than face defeat. Trump is loyal to only one thing: Trump. He would throw his own children under the bus if it serves his interests. That is what sociopaths are. Their disorder causes them to have no conscience.

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