Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Brian S. Brown Feigns Paranoia and Then Lies Through His Teeth

“Transgendered” is about as cogent as Catholicked.
Brian S. Brown
Brian S. Brown is becoming more deceitful by the day. His latest missive, on behalf of National Organization for Marriage, is titled They're coming after us.... It includes this bit of sophistry (which is a nice way of describing bullshit):
The US House of Representatives has passed legislation that would make acting in support of traditional marriage illegal under federal law. That same legislation attempts to strip Americans of their religious liberty rights to live out their beliefs at work and at home.
“Acting in support of traditional marriage” means that a man marries one woman who, in turn, is married to that one man. According to Mr. Brown, as a fundamentalist Catholic, that also means “'til death do us part,” literally. Divorces are not allowed. None of that is, or would be, illegal under any measure passed pr contemplated by the House of Representatives.

If Mr. Brown is claiming that religious liberty requires a license to discriminate which means permission to display disapproval by refusing service, then his is seeking a definition of religious liberty which does not exist in the Constitution. Religious liberty means Free Exercise per the First Amendment.

So when Brown refers to rights, he means constitutional rights. The pope, himself, is free to worship as he chooses in the United States. Numerous Supreme Court cases have determined that the government can regulate conduct. Regulating belief is impermissible. The House has proposed no measure that would regulate belief.
Two Democrat presidential candidates have declared that churches that refuse to endorse same-sex 'marriage' should lose their tax exemption and be targeted by government for punishment.
While that is true (although I thought it was just O'Roarke), Brown knows that it will never happen. The one gay candidate, Pete Buttigieg, is opposed (as am I). Attempting to make people fearful over something that cannot happen is more bullshit.
An agency of the federal government, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, has taken it upon itself to attempt to single-handedly rewrite federal law to impose a dangerous gender ideology that claims that a person can change their gender and the entirety of society must accept, accommodate and agree with it. They've sued employers that have refused to allow men dressed as women to serve customers who are in an emotionally fragile state, such as those just experiencing the death of a loved one.
The EEOC interprets sex to include gender identity. So do I and so do many legal scholars. An interpretation is not a “rewrite.” “Gender ideology” is a conservative Christian term. The medical science in regards to gender is not a philosophy, doctrine or ideology. That is bullshit.

According to the science, people cannot change their gender which is why gender dysphoria exists. BS on BS. And no one gives a flying fuck whether Brian S. Brown accepts or agrees with medical science. He is free to be an ignoramus … as well as being full of crap.
LGBT activists have convinced several federal courts to impose their gender ideology agenda, giving gays, lesbians and the transgendered a powerful hammer to attack people of faith. It will take a ruling of the US Supreme Court to stop this from becoming the law of the land.
Again with the “gender ideology” bullshit. Save it for church. The word transgender is an adjective. “Transgendered” is about as cogent as Catholicked. (Did I spell that correctly?) Transgender people are not participants in some grand conspiracy engineered to afflict Christians.
A major television network, CNN, has hosted a national town hall featuring Democrat presidential candidates touting their commitment to advancing the LGBT agenda.
Finally something reasonably true. We represent about 5% of the populace. We, and our family members, represent around 40% of the populace. Candidates have an obligation to seek our approval via our vote. That is just too goddamned bad Brian.

You all know what's coming next:
That provides an opportunity for me to offer some bullet-points:
  • NOM does not use donations in accordance with the stated purpose in seeking those same donations. None of Brown's fear-mongering will go away if enough people donate to NOM.
  • From 2008 to 2017 NOM burned through about $70 million and has absolutely nothing to show for it.
  • Read the fine print. Donations are not tax deductible.
This goes on at considerable length. It makes less sense by the sentence:
Sure Bri. Sure.

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