Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Brian S. Brown provides an opportunity to explain Preferred Pronouns

To leave no transphobic stone unturned.
Brian S. Brown has conjured up 1,001 feeble and pretextual reasons for people to donate money to National Organization for Marriage. Wednesday, we entertain yet another. Brown's latest email is titled: Presidential Pronoun Contest.

While I am loathe to interrupt the exchange of such brilliant ideas, a word or two about pronouns is in order.

A very small percentage of the population is transgender. They have every right to expect — as a matter of common courtesy — to be addressed with gender-correct pronouns. Refusing to do so — usually as a means of expressing religious disapproval — is petty and boorish.

The disapproval of a medical condition makes absolutely no sense.

In order not to isolate a vulnerable minority and to make the declaration of preferred pronouns routine, many people who are not transgender convey their preferred pronouns. I do so and notice that the practice is widely used by personnel at many nonprofit and for-profit organizations. There is no downside unless you think that upsetting Mr. Brown is an impediment to productivity.

On that note I will continue with Brian S. Brown's missive:
It used to be that voters were asked to compare presidential candidates based on their background, experience and positions on issues. But in today's culture of the absurd, that's so old school. Instead, we're supposed to learn about their pronouns.

So far, six Democratic presidential candidates have declared their preferred pronouns as part of their official biographies, and many state them out loud when introducing themselves. It's as if their preferred pronouns are nearly as important as their name as a tool for their identification to voters.
What I find “absurd” is Brown's ridicule of politeness … followed by the inevitable:
Julian Castro declared on Twitter that the improper use of a pronoun can trigger anxiety or dysphoria. He says he wants to declare his pronouns (in English and Spanish, mind you) so as to be "more inclusive to people of all genders." That's like saying that stepping on a crack in a sidewalk can trigger anxiety in some people that the sidewalk crack might literally break someone's back. So to show that we are sensitive to this, we really should all pledge to avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks altogether.
The above reminds me that it's not just about attracting donations. Mr. Brown really is as obtuse as that paragraph demonstrates. Brown is not only willing, but eager, to do — and to promote — violence to a trans kid by intentionally misgendering the child. The fact that Brown is so dismissive of medical science makes him even more odious.

I am also reminded of the futility of donating money to NOM. Mr. Brown and others have personally looted the organization. Consider also that NOM has, through 2017, burned through more than $70 million of donations with absolutely nothing to show for it.

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