Friday, October 11, 2019

Christian minister has experience with copy machines controlled by demons

This goes under the category: People actually believe this shit?
Isn't it strange that believers get possessed by demons
but atheists never do.
I see stuff like this and I need not wonder why we are so dysfunctional. We have a crazy president who is a sociopath and a pathological liar. One branch of Congress is controlled by people whose allegiance is to the National Rifle Association and the Christian right. Trump's cabinet is best described as a collection of mediocracy. But I digress.

Kendra Semmen writes: Prophetic Minister Who Can See Demons Warns Against Christians Celebrating Halloween.
From hearing music and copy machines that weren't being controlled by people, to her children seeing and hearing demons in their bedrooms, prophetic minister Kathy DeGraw opens up about times both she and her children have encountered demons. It was almost like she and her family were chosen for deliverance ministry—DeGraw has since been very active in spreading the word about the realities of the supernatural realm.

Someone should call Family Services. This woman is either lying or insane to the point of exploring Neptune during lunch. Or is she growing tulips in her hair? Grifter or lunatic? You decide. (Maybe both.) No mention of a Mr. DeGraw. He probably fled.

And she is a demon-detector.
"I remember traveling around the U.S., and as I would go into different territories and regions, I would be feeling a tightening on my esophagus. And I knew there were witchcraft spirits in operation in that region. And I would feel like that python witchcraft spirit just tightening around my esophagus, making it hard to breathe, making it hard to pray, where you had to come and take your authority and really rise up above those attacks.
The most common cause of tightening of the esophagus is gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), also known as acid reflux. The demon is heartburn.

Homicidal spirits:
"There was one region that I would go into all the time. And as I was going down the stairs to minister, I would see demons and I would hear them say, 'I'm going to kill you.' And they would constantly be threatening that. And really, what we have to realize is, even though they're threatening, we have power and authority over them. And God can conquer that."
Apparently Jews are safe (I am so relieved):
"In the month of October, the witches, Satanists, neopagans, they're all going and spending this month in prayer and fasting. It is their job to curse, to wreak havoc, to take demonic principalities and territories to wreak destruction on Christians specifically."
So I ask again: Does anyone actually believe this crap?" Apparently. You will be pleased to know that Ms. DeGraw has a tax-exempt ministry which we all subsidize.

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