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Cretella and others are in divine ignorance over Lupron

“Real harm to children occurs when proper medical treatment is withheld in order to conform to religious dogma.”
Michelle Cretella
Michelle Cretella is again on a tear over puberty blockers. Cretella would have people believe that she is concerned for the welfare of children. Cretella's only concern is defending the teachings of the Catholic Church. The Church is in a frenzy over transgender people because their existence creates a conflict with scripture. Medical science be damned.

Michelle Cretella is the executive director of a small Florida hate group, the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds). The real professional association is the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). A post at the blog of American Family Association, another anti-LGBTQ hate group, is titled: Puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones -- what's the harm?
…data has been highly publicized by news outlets like The Christian Post, which says, "Between 2012 and June 30th of this year, the FDA documented over 40,764 adverse reactions suffered by patients who took Lupron."

Meanwhile, "More than 25,500 reactions logged from 2014-2019 were considered 'serious,' including 6,370 deaths," The Christian Post continues.
None of that is factually true. Even if it were true it is irrelevant to the treatment of adolescent gender dysphoria. A link to the FDA's spreadsheet will not work. However this link should bring up the adverse events dashboard. You need to accept the terms and conditions and then type in Lupron. You will see Lupron, Lupron Depot and Lupron Depot-Ped. Select all three.

The data that I receive is dated from 1984. Over 35 years 26,421 adverse reactions were reported (vs 40,764 over 7 years). 13,838 were considered serious (vs. 25,000 over only 7 years) including 1,772 (vs. 6,370 over seven years) deaths. Again, this data spans 35 years.
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The diatribe
"It's quite a concern, isn't it," responds Dr. Michelle Cretella, executive director of the American College of Pediatricians, in an interview with OneNewsNow. "I think what's important for folks to understand is that the FDA has not proven causation. But it's the FDA's job to collect data, and they have a reporting system. So if any negative reactions occur to a patient who is taking this drug, those get reported, and it's up to the FDA to then go and investigate further."
If you are as nerdy as I am you can drill down on the numbers. It is important to realize that only 30% of the adverse events were reported by healthcare professionals. The remainder were reported by consumers. Furthermore, most patients are not taking Lupron as a puberty blocker. It has many other uses which include the treatment of prostate cancer and anemia caused by tumors of the uterus or endometriosis.
Dr. Cretella thinks the most important thing would be to underscore that when young children are put on the puberty blockers, followed by cross-sex hormones, they will be permanently sterilized.

"So in terms of its real harm that we know we're causing, young children who are puberty blocked and then put on cross-sex hormones will not be able to have children," Dr. Cretella explains.
I thought that this was about Lupron. Puberty blockers do not cause sterilization. Hormones might. The administration of cross-sex hormones requires the approval of the patient and their parents. WPATH stresses the importance of informed consent. The treatment requires the intervention of a behavioral health professional and an endocrinologist. Together (patient, parents and doctors) they weigh benefits in contrast to risks.

Michelle Cretella doesn't know any of these patients. Neither does AFA's propagandist, Chris Woodward. Michelle Cretella's objective is to scare parents because of religious disapproval. Her conduct is highly irresponsible. Even if she were currently licensed to practice medicine (she is not) she is neither a psychiatrist nor an endocrinologist. Michelle Cretella is not qualified to advise anyone about treating adolescent gender dysphoria. Cretella's “erudition” comes from Vatican prelates who are even less qualified.

The Endocrine Society, the professional association of endocrinologists since 1916, fully endorses the use of puberty blockers.
NBC News has dismissed the reports on the FDA data, saying "a viral fake news story linked trans healthcare to 'thousands' of deaths." That prompted, a website "navigating modern complexities," to publish an article asserting there is nothing fake about the dangers of transgender medications.
NBC got it about right. Mercatornet is an ultra-conservative Catholic site in Australia. Their “knowledge” comes from people like Michelle Cretella. It is circular bullshit.

Gender dysphoria in children is an extremely serious condition. Untreated, it has a potential for self-harm that leads to a mortality rate comparable to aggressive cancers (I am paraphrasing Dr. Deanna Adkins who is an expert). The only treatment that works is gender-affirmative care. Gender affirmation takes children out of significant distress and allows them to function normally.

Real harm to children occurs when proper medical treatment is withheld in order to conform to religious dogma. We are not in the Middle Ages when most medical problems were attributed to demons. What I find interesting is the fact that Michelle Cretella lacked the intellectual curiosity to check the Lupron adverse events herself. She heard what she wanted to hear and that sufficed.

To promote the medical mistreatment of children in order to satisfy scripture is sociopathic. It is irredeemably evil. Morality is not achieved through either prayer or adherence to dogma. For a pediatrician morality is defined by how one treats children.

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