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Focus on the Family wants trans kids to cease to exist

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Family Policy Alliance (FPA) is the lobbying arm of Focus on the Family. It is located at the Focus on the Family headquarters in Colorado Springs. The operation is headed by Paul Weber who used to be with Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-LGBTQ hate group. FPA is increasingly obscuring the link to Focus on the Family.

On Thursday, FPA is claiming that transgender youth are part of A Sexual Agenda That Is Both Dangerous and Damaging.

Trans youth are driving fundamentalist Christians over a cliff. This particular expression of transphobia was written by Shawn Hyland who is with Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey. Joining in the fun is Len Deo. Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey doesn't really exist as a separate entity. At least not according to the State of New Jersey and it is not a 501(c)3.

Again, the fundamentalist Christian agenda is based on what they believe is a conflict with Genesis 1:27. All the noise … and hate is an extension of religious belief. It's the usual blather about bathrooms:
The New Jersey legislature and Governor Phil Murphy have assaulted the rights of parents while intentionally violating the privacy and dignity of students. Instead of protecting the preeminence of parents to raise their children according to their moral and religious beliefs, they have chosen to favor a sexual agenda that is both dangerous and damaging to students.
The above is just more bullshit. There is nothing that the state has done that affects how parents raise their children.

Here they re-tool the anti-gay “special rights” trope (which never worked) around transgender youth:
State statute (N.J.S.A. 18A:36-41) provides special rights for students to legally intrude upon the private spaces of the opposite sex. In other words, this law is the green light that allows males (who say they’re women) to disrobe in front of females – against their will. The New Jersey Legislature and Governor have gone too far!
The intended inference is that trans girls pose a threat to cisgender girls. They further want people to believe that people trivially claim their gender. That is simply not the case. According to the science a trans girl is, for all intents and purposes, a girl. In checking around I have concluded that the kids get it. The adults do not want to get it because of scripture.

Trot out some more parental rights bullshit:
This law is referenced in The NJ Commissioner of Education Transgender Student Guidelines. It mandates schools allow boys (who say they’re girls) to use the girls locker room without notifying parent’s [sic] this is happening nor [sic] requiring parental consent for all students involved. Instead, students are forced into circumstances which violate their fundamental rights to privacy and dignity. We have also found students who express their objection to sharing a locker room with the opposite sex are the recipients of intimidation by some school officials and peers. It is social engineering on a mass scale to warp the minds of the emerging generation. Our children deserve better!
It's not “boys who say they are girls.” They cannot use the phrase transgender girls because to do so admits that they exist. If a girl has a problem, then she can use a different facility.

Some perspective is in order. Trans girls might comprise about 0.25% of the student body (they always focus on the girls for obvious reasons). A 1,200 student school might have two or three trans girls. The likelihood that anyone will be exposed to a trans girl naked is minuscule. And if they are, nobody dies. This is not about some girl seeing a penis and fainting. This is about scripture.
A Parent Resource Guide: Responding to the Transgender Issue will:
  • Help you understand the consequences of the transgender trend
  • Consider the implications of transgender activism and “gender inclusion” policies in schools
  • Explain what your parental rights are and give you the tools to protect your child’s constitutional privacy and First Amendment rights
  • Encourage parents and school officials to work together to create a respectful school environment
  • Help you communicate with your school officials and advocate for common sense policies that will respect the dignity of all students
That “guide” is primarily the handiwork of Heritage Foundation (probably the idiocy of Ryan T. Anderson) in conjunction with Minnesota Family Council. It is a compendium of ignorance (66 pages worth).

Given the above list there is no “transgender trend” and there are no consequences associated with people being transgender. That is a matter between the child, their parents and their healthcare providers.

The “implications” consist of a realization that trans people actually exist, contrary to scripture.

Parental rights regarding other people's children are essentially non-existent. Send your kid to a Christian school if this is so upsetting.

The idea that these people are interested in a “respectful school environment” and that they are concerned for “the dignity of all students” is laughable. They (the pressure groups) want transgender people to cease to exist.
Second, act by signing the New Jersey LGBT Curriculum Opt-Out Petition and send a message to Governor Murphy and the Legislature. Sexual relationships and identity are normally taught in health class with a parental opt-out, which means parents can excuse their children from these requirements. Now, parental rights are being trampled and our children are being forced to learn about radical sexual ideology throughout potentially all subject areas without allowing the parent’s the opportunity to opt their children out!
They are possessed of the belief that they have a right to opt-out of anything they do not like. Not mentioned but coinciding is parental notification. Again, they should send their children to Christian schools. Everyone would be better off. The existence of trans youth is not a “radical sexual ideology.” Trans kids do not subscribe to a trans philosophy or doctrine. There is nothing radical about a medical condition, in spite of the fact that the fundamentalists disapprove of gender dysphoria.

The bottom line to all of this is hate created as a religious duty. They have pretty much given up (for the moment) on inflicting their bigotry on gay kids. They have re-tooled their intolerance for trans kids.

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