Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Hate group has a non-petition petition and a call to prayer

Donald Trump
American Family Association is asking people to make a prayer commitment; praying for Donald Trump.
Our nation seems to be unraveling in hatred...

Like every patriotic American, I am saddened by the chaos, anger, and division in Washington. I am also outraged by the SECULAR Left's unending assaults against the founding principles of our republic.

Just as evil are those in the media who have become deceivers and backbiters because they no longer report truth based on facts. Liberal journalists and news show anchors are no longer trustworthy because they are nothing more than mouthpieces for "fake news" outlets.
The above is written in the first person but unsigned. I assume it is AFA's idiot-in-charge, Tim Wildmon. Later on:
Beginning right now, I'm asking you to join me in committing to pray daily for America and our president. I believe that our prayers are the most effective means of stopping the malicious cancer of hatred now spreading across our nation.

Would you please join us in prayer and tell others so that we can have as many people as possible praying?
We are not as moronic as Wildmon family members. Wildmon is trying to claim that holding Donald Trump accountable for his indecency is hatred. This is particularly ironic given the fact that these self-righteous moralists are shilling for a nihilist in Trump, someone totally devoid of integrity.

Secular people and the media did not cause Trump to be a colossal boor and sociopath. We did not create, for example, kids in cages. If anyone is assaulting “the founding principles of our republic” that would be Trump. Trump is a pathological liar. When leaders lie they deny their constituents the ability to form informed opinions. While Wildmon has the intellect of roach spray, he must know that Trump is a liar. No?

Where in those “founding principles” is there room for trading military assistance to a foreign power in return for interfering in our elections by manufacturing dirt on a political rival? How are those principles served by multiple instances of obstruction of justice for which Trump would have been indicted were he not a sitting president?

Apparently Wildmon wants us to believe that the media is only reporting truth when it regurgitates Trump's endless lies. Reporting Trump's mendacity makes the media “deceivers and backbiters.” It is upisdownism begging us to follow the white rabbit down the hole to obey the Queen of Hearts.

Tim Wildmon is being spectacularly dishonest. 

Note: American Family Association is an anti-LGBTQ hate group.

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