Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hate group leader asserts that we are "targeting young children"

Tony Perkins
via Family Research Council
The only explanation for Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) is that he is a diehard bigot. This should come as no surprise given that Perkins has direct ties to the Ku Klux Klan. What makes Perkins especially pernicious (and obnoxious) is his inflammatory rhetoric in pursuit of donations. Some of that money goes directly to Perkins who was paid $250,000 in 2017 and probably more the following year.

Tuesday, Perkins has sent out an email blast titled: The radical Left is targeting young children with your tax dollars. We must push back! Pushing back is defined as sending FRC some money.
There is a spiritual and cultural battle raging for the minds of our children. The LGBT agenda is in full force, and it is aimed at the youngest and most innocent among us.
Tony Perkins' buddy and fellow Luisianan David Duke
Perkins' incurious audience might very well infer for the above that we are causing children to become gay or trans. It's a ridiculous notion but one that Perkins has been trading on for many years. Perkins has built a hate group, in part, on the notion that LGBTQ people pose a danger to children. The ever-odious Perkins has accused us of being child molesters and recruiters. Some people are inclined to believe his bullshit.
… Recently, PBS aired a controversial episode entitled "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone." It featured a same-sex wedding ceremony between Arthur's teacher Mr. Ratburn and another character named Patrick. …
That is certain to turn kids gay. I am reliably informed that the straight-to-gay conversion ratio is dependent upon numerous factors including time spent watching less time spent on pee breaks, distance from child to TV, religious affiliation of the child's parents, snacks consumed during the episode and others.

Those homosexual Doritos put children in considerable danger if consumed while watching the cartoon. But I digress.
It is almost too incredible to believe, but a trusted children's cartoon with a target audience ranging from preschool to elementary ages is promoting the radical Left's agenda on homosexuality and same-sex marriage -- and this effort is funded by your tax dollars.
I guess that is the dreaded Homosexual Agenda™. In all seriousness, I fail to appreciate anything radical. Same-sex marriage has been legal in most states for over six years and all states for over four years. Chances are that many kids have friends whose parents are a gay couple. Would it make Perkins happier if the kids were scornful?
Moms, dads, and grandparents must protect the next generation! LGBT activists are using programming we expect to be wholesome as a Trojan horse, thereby deceptively exposing our kids to a narrative that rejects and often mocks a biblical worldview.
Protect them from what exactly? Some of that “next generation” is going to be L,G,B or T. Let's be sure to teach them to hate themselves? Perkins flatters himself with his “biblical worldview” nonsense as if it were a universal concept. Most Christians approve of same-sex marriage. Many Christian denominations approve of, and solemnize, same-sex marriages. Perkins is soliciting donations and approval from the lunatic fringe.

Unfortunately the fringe is very noisy and abusive through the exploitation of First Amendment rights which they have transformed into something that our framers never had in mind. The fringe discourages criticism by framing their ignorance as religious freedom.
At Family Research Council, we equip you and your family to counter the cultural narrative that contradicts biblical beliefs on sexuality and marriage. It is your financial gift that helps us to expose the liberal agenda and protect the family.

If equipping people means confirming their biases and bigotry with ignorant talking points then Perkins is correct. The reality is that FRC doesn't really do very much other than make noise and ask for money. Trump might even pander to Perkins and his ilk but Trump is the guy who pandered to David Duke, and would do so to just about anyone else who strokes his fragile ego or promises to deliver a half-dozen votes.

After considerably more frothing over Cartoon Network and Disney (emphasis per original):
It is time to stand up! Liberal activists are pushing sexual anarchy on young children who are not even old enough to understand the concept of sexuality.
Anarchy! You would think that Cartoon Network is teaching children the finer points of anal and oral sex. What they are really teaching kids is that different is not bad. LGBTQ people exist and some of them even get married. Is it really necessary to pretend otherwise? Perkins will say just about anything if he thinks that it might cause someone to donate a nickel. The recipients of these emails do not seem to appreciate that fact.
Will you prayerfully give a generous gift to sustain our vital work to protect faith, family, and freedom?

Eventually Trump/Pence will be bad history and Perkins will be even less relevant. His hate group, however, will continue to traffic in bigotry and intolerance.

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