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No AFA - A 7-year-old is not being considered for gender confirmation surgery

American Family Association joins Mad Mat Staver for a round of anti-trans merriment.
American Family Association continues to prove that it deserves its designation, by the Southern Poverty Law Center, as an anti-LGBTQ hate group. The headline on its phony news blog reads: Parents fight over son's sex-reassignment surgery. AFA's Chris Woodward is referring to a seven-year-old! You would think that common sense might permit Woodward to emerge from his state of perpetual stupidity.

The hyperbolic text does not improve things for Mr. Woodward:
The trial is continuing this week in Dallas, Texas, over the chemical castration and sex change of a seven-year-old boy – a controversial procedure argued as beneficial by LGBTQ activists.
What is this imbecile talking about? A seven-year-old is unlikely to qualify for any medical intervention. A social transition consists of hairstyle and clothing. Puberty blockers are not introduced until puberty begins (around Tanner stage 3 or about 12 years of age). Furthermore, to call puberty blockers (if that is what Woodward is referring to) “chemical castration” is ridiculously idiotic.
James Younger is the son of Jeff Younger and Anne Georgulas, who is a pediatrician. His parents are divorced, and when James is with his mother, she refers to him as Luna.

However, the boy's father contends that his son does not want to be a girl.
Jeff Younger is a proven liar. Younger told his future wife that he had a lengthy military career when, in fact, he was discharged from the U.S. Army for homosexuality approximately six months after enlisting.

A court appointed psychologist confirmed that Younger lied about his education, military history, employment history and relationship history. Had he been honest, the psychologist speculates that the relationship never would have progressed. Dr. Georgulas is a successful and respected pediatrician. She has no use for this ne'er-do-well.

Younger has been abusing Luna. He has been trying to get her to conform to her natal sex. She is socially transitioned in school and known only as Luna.
None of the fundamentalist Christian angst has anything to do with what is best for the child.
Before I go further, this is not about the kid. This is about scripture. The existence of transgender people conflicts — according to them — with Genesis 1:27. Ancient texts of questionable provenance are being used to determine how a child's medical condition should be treated. It is outrageous.
Enter Hate Group Leader Mad Mat Staver
Mad Mat Staver
"This is a real tragedy because it not only involves this young boy, but also the sibling, and also the family that is separated, but more than that, it involves the destiny of this young boy," Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver expressed.

James has a twin-brother named Jude, who will likely be affected by the situation.

"To put James in a situation where they're affirming his gender confusion and literally put him on a path that would ultimately lead him down the road to have hormone-blocking medications and hormones of the opposite sex, and then, eventually, invasive surgery, is very dangerous indeed – especially when studies show that 85 to 90-plus percent of boys and girls that experience gender confusion ultimately resolve naturally without any clinical intervention consistent with their birth sex," Staver pointed out.
The phrase “gender confusion” does not exist in the medical literature. It is fundamentalist religious bullshit. Most kids who experience some degree of gender dysphoria do desist (it's closer to 75%). Persistence correlates directly to the severity of the condition. Only those with acute gender dysphoria — those who are unlikely to desist — will receive puberty blockers. Only those who persist for a few years beyond the administration of puberty blockers might be candidates for hormone therapy.

Mad Mat is trying to suggest that allowing this child to transition will inexorably lead her to gender confirmation surgery and that is untrue. If, as an adult, she chooses that path it will be her informed decision. She will make it without consulting scripture. Overall, the satisfaction with gender confirmation surgery is extremely high. Right now the kid is only seven.

Luna's brother, Jude, is affected by Luna's condition. That has no bearing on how Luna's condition is treated. It might be as simple as the difference between having a miserable, suicidal brother and having a happy twin sister. Which is better for Jude? The answer should be obvious.

Were I the judge hearing this matter I would base my opinion on the results of a psychiatric evaluation of the child. However, this is a jury trial … in Texas. Anything could happen. I would find it remarkable if a kid could be coerced into a social transition or influenced to become gender dysphoric, which is essentially what they are claiming.

Back to the stupidity:
…the Christian attorney is wary that the court will rule in favor of the mother and hand LGBTQ activists promoting sex assignment surgery yet another victory.
This has nothing to do with LGBTQ activists. Nor does this have anything to do with surgery. This is about custody, custodial decisions and — above all — what is best for Luna. That “Christian” attorney is Logan Odeneal, a solo practitioner in Dallas. This should have nothing to do with Christianity.

Mad Mat continues:
"Unfortunately, what you're seeing is some courts are siding with the parent that is causing the damage and siding against the parent that does not want this damage to occur," Staver stressed. "This is a very tragic situation this is really the face of the intolerant radical – and frankly [a] dangerous LGBT agenda that needs to be stopped."
“Damage?” Children have gender dysphoria due to bad parenting? The hate group leader has a hell of a nerve accusing LGBTQ people of being intolerant and radical. It is laughable.

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