Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Whether inept or disconnected from reality, Brian S. Brown is amusing

Brian S. Brown
Brian S. Brown is also president of International Organization for the Family
The latest money-beg from International Organization for the Family is titled Our Flagship Publication.
Do you know that the International Organization for the Family (IOF) publishes one of the most important, thought-provoking and influential scholarly, pro-family journals in the world? We do.

The Natural Family: An International Journal of Research and Policy is IOF's flagship quarterly publication. The Natural Family regularly publishes original, refreshing research from top-tier writers and researchers from around the globe, encouraging families in their role as the fundamental institution of society.
“Journal?” It is a stale blog. While the articles are undated and the “Last Modified” headers are missing, I was able to date the most recent contribution to March 6, 2016 with wget. That's the post date. The article was probably written long before then. The point is, just how “important” and “influential” is a blog that has not posted anything in three years and seven months?

As for “top-tier writers and researchers,” the most recent article was written by Allan C. Carlson who is the founder of the Howard Center For Family Religion and Society which is the parent organization of International Organization for the Family. Furthermore, in the world of real academic journals, influence is gauged by the number of articles citing the article in question.

The most recent article is titled Failure of the Swedish Model of Family Policy. There is one cite. It is referred to in a writer-paid term paper (you need a script blocker for the link to work):
Click on image to enlarge
If that author is correct then Carlson's paper dates back to earlier than 2010. The more important point is that no one else is using Carlson's output for a scholarly work of their own. Brian S. Brown is running out of bad ideas.

Note: The related organizations; International Organization for the Family, World Congress of Families and Howard Center comprise an anti-LGBT hate group.

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