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Cold, Calculated, Sanctimonious Dishonesty

Friday, one of LifeSiteNews' intellectually challenged propagandists, Madeleine Jacob, offers: ‘Cold, calculated, institutionalized child abuse’: Experts comment on gender ‘transitions’ for kids. It is a futile exercise in intellectual and factual dishonesty that attempts to conform medical science to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The people who produce LifeSiteNews couldn't care less about the welfare of children. The outlet exists to defend the most far-right fringe teachings of the Catholic Church. To that end it provides a toxic mix of anti-LGBTQ vitriol, science denial, conspiracy theories and factually challenged polemics to an eager audience of adherents. LifeSiteNews says what the faithful want to hear. Some of that audience would volunteer to fly airplanes into buildings in defense of the faith.

On June 10, 2019, the Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education published: ‘Male and Female He Created Them’: Towards a Path of Dialogue on the Question of Gender Theory in Education. The first part — the portion of the title in quotes — is a reference to Genesis 1:27. That bit of scripture is at the core of Catholic views on gender which boil down to: Transgender people do not — cannot — exist because that poses a conflict with ancient texts. LifeSiteNews is all in.

LSN became the source for [mis]information about the Luna Younger matter. LSN is responsible for spreading the preposterous and inflammatory notion that Luna was being “chemically castrated.” Seven-year-old children with gender dysphoria do not receive any medication whatsoever. Eventually, in another five years or so, she might receive puberty blockers which are fully reversible.

LSN wanted to stir up their readers. It is easy to do because (as reader comments confirm) this is an incurious constituency with limited critical thinking skills. They do not want to hear or read anything that might conflict with the dogma they embrace.
That brings me back to Friday's blather
In the wake of the James Younger case, experts and children’s rights activists spoke to LifeSiteNews about the “devastation” of subjecting kids to transgenderism, warning that this phenomenon is a “social contagion” with horrible consequences.
Yes, because Luna's decision (her decision) to socially transition was “devastation” to … ancient scripture. Being gender diverse is neither a fad nor a phenomenon and if one is searching for “horrible consequences” they need to find out what happens to children in severe distress who are prevented from affirming their gender.
“Many of us hope that this case will usher in a return to sanity, science, and medical ethics rooted in ‘first, do no harm,’” stated Dr. Michelle Cretella, Executive Director for the American College of Pediatricians (not to be confused with the left-wing American Academy of Pediatrics).
Cretella doesn't give a crap about medical ethics or anything other than the catechism. Who the hell does she think she is fooling? Madeleine Jacob's claim that the American Academy of Pediatrics is some sort of left-wing organization is spectacularly stupid. Jacob's problem is that the AAP is a proponent of gender-affirmative care which is a challenge (in her limited view) to Catholic dogma. Hence, it must be “left wing” in order to explain a conclusion based solely on medical science that Ms. Jacob does not like. Just a reminder:
                                          American College of Pediatricians American Academy of Pediatrics
Purpose Christian Organization & Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group Professional Peer Association
Est Membership 200 60,000
Chapters 0 50
2018 Revenue $137,951 $136,109,906
“Physicians and therapists who embrace ‘transition’ for children promote a political agenda, not scientific advance,” she said. “This is obvious once the euphemisms are shed: gaslighting, chemical castration, and the surgical mutilation of children is not ‘therapy.’ Social and medical transition of children is cold, calculated, institutionalized child abuse at the hands of those charged with healing.”
What is “obvious” as an idiotic attempt to conform science to scripture. The problem that we have is that Cretella never puts herself in a position where she can be challenged. A simple series of questions put to Cretella would demolish her arguments. Cretella is also on dangerous territory regarding castration.

The Vatican encouraged the castration of choir boys in the name of art for hundreds of years. The Church tolerated the employment of Castratti well into the 20th century. None of those children were volunteers. But I digress. According to the best peer-reviewed research that we have available, not permitting a child in distress from transitioning would constitute child abuse.

That brings up another issue. Michelle Cretella has never published research on any topic — let alone gender identity — to a respected peer-reviewed academic journal. Cretella has no experience treating gender diverse children and has not even been licensed to practice medicine for a number of years. Because she stopped practicing, Cretella has not been required to meet MOC (continuing education) requirements to maintain a board certification.

Convenient excuses:
Dr. Cretella highlighted the fear professionals have about speaking out against the transgender movement.

“As one liberal head of a department of psychology in the Northwest told me, ‘We know this is harmful [to kids], but to say so is career ending,’” Dr. Cretella told LifeSiteNews.

Dr. Andre Van Mol, the co-chair of the American College of Pediatricians’ Committee on Adolescent Sexuality, stressed that gender dysphoria is a “mental health diagnosis” and “transgenderism” is “an overarching ideology.”
First of all, none of that explains away the lack of research in support of Cretella's argument that children with gender dysphoria should be treated without affirming their gender. Again, her argument only exists because of her religious objection. As for the supposedly “liberal head of a department of psychology,” I call “bullshit.” Cretella is lying.

Andre Van Mol, out of Redding California is an elder of the Bethel Church cult (the church has recently scrubbed some of Van Mol from its website). Van Mol is not a board certified psychiatrist (he practices family medicine). Van Mol has contributed anti-transgender tirades to conservative Christian outlets. He intentionally confuses gender dysphoria (a condition) with being transgender (a form of mitigation). Claiming that trans people are adherents to an ideology is simple projection. The treatment of a medical condition should not be subjected to religious approval.
Medical “transitions” for children have not been studied by the FDA, nor is there enough research for professionals to understand all of its long-term impacts.

“Any thought of ‘gender affirmation therapy’ for a minor is entirely experimental,” Van Mol told LifeSiteNews.
The self-righteous Christian has no problem lying through his teeth. He knows perfectly well that the medications given to trans kids (starting at around 13) have been thoroughly studied and approved by the FDA. These drugs have been used by children (admittedly for other purposes) for many years. Regardless of why the drug is prescribed the potential adverse effects remain the same. There is a veritable mountain of research supporting the gender affirming care model as noted by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Parents should know that the physician treating them and their children is a religious fruitcake. Dr. Van Mol is making medical judgments based upon ancient texts written at a time when diseases were thought to be caused by demons. Scripture is not a diagnostic guide!

Speaking of bullshit:
There is also an ethical concern with completing a medical “transition,” according to Dr. Van Mol: “You are permanently medicalizing something that has an 85 percent rate of desistance based on a self diagnosis.”
That is highly misleading. Persistence of gender dysphoria is directly related to the severity of the condition. The kids who cease to have the condition never transition in the first place. The ethical concern is substituting religious dogma for medical judgment in the treatment of children.

“Underlying cause™” BS:
Dr. Van Mol highlighted the underlying source of gender identity issues that are ignored when pursuing “gender affirming” therapy.

“The overwhelming majority of these kids will have underlying mental health issues or neurodevelopmental disabilities. These are the things that should be addressed and the underlying problems don’t go away with so-called gender affirming therapy,” Van Mol shared.
Have they gone through all of the moronic talking points yet? Van Mol knows perfectly well that comorbidity is caused by the gender dysphoria not the cause of the gender dysphoria.

Speaking of crackpots, enter Katy Faust:
‘Pre-teen brains are not developed enough to make irreversible decisions that include removing body parts…’

Katy Faust is the Founder and Director of Them Before Us, an organization committed to defending the rights of children in marriage and divorce. Faust, who was raised by lesbians, told LifeSiteNews she is hesitant to celebrate the ruling.
Either Faust is an imbecile or a liar. I know. Could be both. Pre-teens are not having body parts removed! The moron who is compiling this mountain of crap, Ms. Jacob, is too stupid to ask the obvious question. She hasn't the integrity to challenge something that she likes to hear. In case it is not obvious, Faust's claim that she was raised by lesbians does not mean that she knows anything about gender identity.

Let's add some more quackery:
Dr. Julie Hamilton, Ph.D., LMFT called gender “transitioning” a “social experiment.”

“Encouraging a child of any age to embrace a gender identity that is different from his or her biological sex is a social experiment which has not been proven through long-term studies to be healthy or effective. Furthermore, there is clear evidence that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones pose serious health risks,” Dr. Hamilton told LifeSiteNews.

Dr. Hamilton, who has treated clients with gender identity issues, said that therapists need to understand the “underlying issues” of gender confusion.
Dr. Julie Harren Hamilton of Palm Beach Gardens is a well-known crank having been president of NARTH (2009-2011). Even at her own website, Hamilton does not provide a full CV including her educational background which leads me to wonder if she exchanged box-tops for a PhD.

Hamilton has a very strange video that she has promoted for years titled Homosexuality 101. She seems to be claiming that homosexuality is a gender identity disorder. I concede that I was unable to watch the entire video but the box-top swap entered my mind again.
“Therapists who assist children in becoming more comfortable with their biological sex usually seek to understand and address the underlying issues, helping to resolve the issues that are specific to that client. Family therapy is usually a part of the treatment as well.”
I am becoming less patient by the sentence. Where the hell is research published by this nitwit to a respected, peer-reviewed academic journal? It does, however, bring to mind research out of Harvard Medical School: Gender identity conversion efforts lead to a lifetime of misery.

That, by the way, was published to the Journal of the American Medical Association. It establishes a direct link from efforts to change gender identity (as Hamilton is describing) to suicidality and adverse mental health consequences.
I must skip over some content or I will start to eat my keyboard. This all comes to a brilliant conclusion:
“The incidence and prevalence of transgenderism among youth, especially girls, has skyrocketed for many reasons, including cultural indoctrination via mass media, social media, and schools in the wake of adult transgender political activism,” Dr. Cretella told LifeSiteNews.
No a word of the above is remotely true.

Finally, let me tell you what is missing from this nearly 2,000 word diatribe. There is not a single citation to peer-reviewed literature. Furthermore, contrary to the title, not a single expert has been sourced.

As I wrote at the outset, this has nothing to do with the wellbeing of children or the pursuit of medical science. This is about conservative Christianity.

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