Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Shitfit over a sweater

Deborah Bunting at CBN is terribly agitated over Target's Gender Inclusive Gingerbread Long Sleeve Sweater. It looks to me like the ginger-person is neither male nor female. In response, Bunting offers: Genderless Ginger: Target Keeps Up Its Nonsense with 'Gender Inclusive Gingerbread' Sweater. Perhaps Ms. Bunting believes that this has something to do with the transgender people she disapproves of:
Ok. I looked at it and couldn't see any difference. It still looked like the old Gingerbread Man to me. But I'm not known as the most "woke" person around. I never really thought about the gender of my gingerbread cookie before. But now, Target is forcing me to consider it.
How does she even know that the sweater exists and what precisely is “forcing” her to do anything? If you don't like it then don't buy it. Why on earth is the existence of this sweater worth a 1,000+ word polemic? My guess is that this provides an opportunity to express some bigotry:
Target is such a trendsetter, leading the way, breaking down barriers – even those that protect us. A couple of years ago, the store trumpeted its "wokeness" when it went with gender-neutral restrooms where a man who thought he was a girl might end up in the stall next to me and that was supposed to be okay. All that did for me was make me hold it till I could go somewhere else... and be extra vigilant when my granddaughters just couldn't wait.
Target does not provide “gender-neutral restrooms.” Target's policy is consistent with just about every other department store chain. Patrons and staff can use restrooms according to their gender identity. The notion that a transgender woman poses a threat to cisgender women and children is sheer bigotry. Moreover, it cannot be supported by any evidence. If she thinks that it requires her to “hold it” rather than use a Target restroom, her kidney infection is her problem as is the stupidity behind the behavior.

Hunter Schafer
Hunter Schafer
The only reason that Deborah Bunting is condemning Target rather than Macy's, Walmart, Nordstrom, etc (all with the same policy) is because American Family Association, an anti-LGBTQ hate group made an issue of Target. Presumably Ms. Bunting lacks the curiosity to realize that Target's policy is standard in their sector. I apologize in advance for using trans model Hunter Schafer as an example — again. Does Ms. Bunting really think that Ms. Schafer should be required to use a men's room? Does she pose a threat to Bunting's security?

Bunting doesn't realize that she may very well have parked her ass in a public bathroom stall next to a transgender woman. Where does she think trans people go to pee?
Actually, I don't find this new sweater offensive. After thinking about this "new" specimen, I've determined – just like Mattel's new gender-neutral Barbies that aren't really Barbies – it's all in how you talk about it.
She doesn't find the sweater offensive but this offers an opportunity for her to assert that she finds transgender people offensive.
What's more concerning to me than the sweater is that we as a society – and Target as a store – now think it's necessary, even important, to alter our conversation and make it "gender-inclusive." Frankly, I don't want to live in a society that eliminates distinctions. I love all the characteristics we have in common as human beings. There are many of them, and they don't change because of the color of our skin, or the shape of our noses, or what kind of car we drive. We're all made in the image of God. We all want to love and be loved. We all want a purpose to our lives, to know we made a difference to someone. We all like to laugh and enjoy our family and friends, especially at this time of year.
Allow me to explain the economic logic. Target makes no decisions about what they think people should buy or what should be important. Target is offering merchandise that their personnel believe people will want to buy. Period. All that “love” that Bunting expresses doesn't seem to apply to sexual minorities. She uses “[w]e all” repeatedly. “We all” includes LGBTQ people.
Apparently gender dysphoria is imposed on children by others
Target and Mattel and others seem to want to jump on the bandwagon of political correctness – I say for a buck – and they aren't helping us as a society. Instead, they're hurting children by encouraging and promoting the confusion out there that says to little boys and little girls that they're not really boys or girls, they're whatever they think they are. That goes to the very core of our existence, the very core of being human. And that's why I don't shop at Target anymore. I'm not big on boycotts, but there are some lies that are just beyond the pale, and I can't play along anymore.
What bullshit. Gender is formed by about the age of two which means that it is probably not subject to the influence of others. “Confusion” is Christian-speak for gender incongruence. Suffice it to say that a century of medical literature doesn't consider the condition a form of confusion. Gender is not “promoted.”

A tiny minority of children, about 2%, have some sense of gender dysphoria. About 75% of those kids are not in distress due to the condition and will cease to be bothered. However, the remaining 25% (0.5% overall) are in distress and it is not because of a fucking sweater. Those kids are going to transition. They are inexorably drawn to affirm their gender in some form. That, too, is not because of a fucking sweater.

Hopefully those children who are in misery have parents who are better informed that Deborah Bunting. The existence of those kids is not some sort of liberal or politically correct conspiracy theory. According to Bunting “some lies that are just beyond the pale.” What the hell is this awful woman talking about? Who is lying and what is the lie?

My take on the sweater, by the way, is that it has absolutely nothing to do with gender identity. Rather it reflects the fact that some little girls — being little girls — want things that are not masculine. They would prefer a gingerbread person who could also be a gingerbread woman. I feel moronic just examining this idiocy. If this sweater was the final straw for Ms. Bunting then our diverse society must be a source of great misery. I feel sorry for her — even if she does not acquire a kidney infection.

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