Thursday, November 14, 2019

The ever-nutty Alveda King calls herself a "voice of reason" on impeachment

The grifter on the right is Alveda King
via Newsweek
According to a press release from Alveda King Ministries: Evangelist Alveda King: A Voice of Reason in the Midst of Impeachment Malarkey. Hmm. Bribery by a sociopath is “malarkey.” Good to know.

Were Alveda King not related to Dr. Martin Luther King (whom she never met) she would make a living behind a register at a 7-11. King is a rabid anti-LGBTQ and anti-choice crusader. For many years she referred to herself as Dr. Alveda King because she has an honorary doctorate from a school that does not award doctorates. She seems to have dropped that pretension.

Alveda King Ministries asks for donations on every page of its website without bothering to inform donors that donations are not tax deductible (it is not a 501(c)3).

I guess she thinks that this depicts her intellect or erudition:
Yes and my erasers are stuck to the ceiling which is why none of my doorknobs work with the coffee maker.
According to the press release:
In the midst of the "Impeachment Malarkey," while I'm receiving so many texts and phone calls either of concern from President Trump lovers, or doom and gloom and threats from Trump haters and pessimists in general, a voice of reason seems to be calling the faithful to a unifying spirit that includes kindness, forgiveness and Agape Love.

Meanwhile, some less benevolent force is aggressively seducing the masses to seek violence and aggression in our communities.
Oh indeed. People who think that Trump should be removed from office are lining up to telephone Alveda King and pass on threats. She actually expects people to believe that crap.

After linking to a video of some crazy (dead) self-anointed prophet, she offers scripture. She actually paid to have this text released by Christian Newswire.

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