Thursday, November 14, 2019

Todd Starnes weighs in on impeachment hearings

Todd Starnes has the intellect of roquefort cheese.
Todd Starnes
Todd Starnes to CBN News: Live Impeachment Hearings Just a 'Deep State' Scheme to Embarrass Trump. Apparently Mr. Starnes is unaware of the fact that “deep state” is a conspiracy theory which holds that career civil servants are a powerful shadow government (kind of like Giuliani being a powerful shadow State Department). A varietal of the theory holds that the civil servants are in league with George Soros (a substitute for evil Jewish influence).

Per Wikipedia: According to David Gergen, quoted in Time magazine, the term has been appropriated by Steve Bannon and Breitbart News and other supporters of the Trump Administration in order to delegitimize the critics of the current presidency.

According to CBN/Starnes (emphasis added):
"Look, it's going to get nasty between now and Election Day next November," Starnes noted. "And I think the average American voter needs to understand this is all about politics. The President has done nothing wrong. If you actually read the transcripts, you understand that this guy is not a whistleblower, he is a leaker. And beyond that, this is a guy who has very close ties for the Obama administration."
Starnes is too moronic to realize that the whistleblower is no longer relevant as the complaint has been corroborated. There is no evidence that the whistleblower has any ties to the Obama administration. Starnes pulled that out of his ass. The testimony indicates that Trump attempted to bribe Ukraine; offering military assistance in exchange for dirt on Joe Biden and an investigation into the CrowdStrike conspiracy theory.

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