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Whoopie: FRC provides parts 3 & 4 of its 6-part anti-trans diatribe

Here we go again. Hop aboard the BS Express.
On Wednesday I addressed parts 1 and 2 of something that Family Research Council (an anti-LGBTQ hate group) deems important. The 6-part series has been allegedly written by a woman whose brother became a transgender woman. The author remains anonymous but, if she even exists, she is obviously a religious conservative. For all we know this is fiction written by Peter Sprigg. The series has been curated by FRC's Dan Hart (no relation).

The author is also claiming in effect that having a trans family member makes her an expert on all things transgender. Part 3 is titled: The Lies and Money Behind the Transgender Movement. Part 4 is titled: The Cultural Power of the Transgender Movement. Needles to say, being transgender does not make one part of a movement. That is just part of the misleading and bigoted rhetoric.
Part 3
Well, the number of “otherkin”—people who identify themselves as half-human, half other species—is growing. Men and women who believe they are half dragon, lion, or dog are popping up all over the globe …
Are you fucking kidding me? Gender incongruence has been known to medical science for over 100 years. People who think they are half-human are ill. People who have gender dysphoria are not ill according to the American Psychiatric Association. They have a treatable condition. Whoever wrote this drivel does not approve of the treatment protocol. She has a self-inflicted condition imposed by willful ignorance.

This idiotic attempt at denigrating transgender people continues:
If you support transgender rights and believe everyone should be allowed to self-identify as whatever they “feel” like inside, you must support otherkin rights.…
“Self-identify” is supposed to mean choice which is absurd. The rest of the above text is moronic.

This goes on and on for several paragraphs with a visit to body dysmorphic disorder. We have heard it all before. This form of stupidity does not improve with repetition. Eventually:
Why would my brother’s therapist (and therapists all over the country) tell men who have a history of cross-dressing to take their compulsive behavior to its furthest extreme by ingesting dangerous cross-sex hormones for the rest of their lives?

Part of the reason is because there’s big money driving trans medicine.
True or not, there is bigger money in oncology. Those revenues do not give people cancer. Whatever money flows to people who treat gender dysphoria does not cause people to have gender dysphoria.

Our anonymous author is posing a preposterous conspiracy theory which holds that clinicians (behavioral health) are intentionally misdiagnosing people so that other clinicians (endocrinologists and surgeons) can make more money with the cooperation of the patient.

From there we make the usual stops to the conservative Catholic Defenders of the Faith; Paul R. McHugh and Ryan T. Anderson. McHugh is pushing 90 and he hasn't practiced medicine in a long time. He has never published research on sexual orientation or gender identity to a peer-reviewed academic journal. Anderson is a philosopher and ultra-conservative Catholic who attempts to conform medical science to Church dogma.

Eventually this long-winded craziness comes to a welcome conclusion:
More than 100 follow-up studies of post-operative transsexuals done by the University of Birmingham concluded none of the studies showed evidence that gender reassignment was beneficial. Even the Obama administration came to the same conclusion in 2016. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services conducted a thorough review of clinical studies and concluded there was not enough evidence to show that sex reassignment surgery benefitted its patients at all.
The link to studies at University of Birmingham is actually to a story in The Guardian. At the top of the story is this graphic:
In fact the article is undated so we have no idea of the vintage except that it is more than 15 years old. A 2018 study conducted in Germany of 156 male-to-female patients determined:
Scientists have developed a transgender-specific questionnaire, which confirms for the first time that gender surgery significantly improves quality of life for the majority of patients. The study shows that 80% of male-to-female patients perceived themselves as women post-surgery. However, the quality of life of transgender individuals is still significantly lower than the general population.
The quality of life of trans people would improve considerably with greater acceptance and less religious opprobrium. As for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the decision applies only to Medicare; people who are 65+. I will concede the lack of empirical evidence to support the benefit of gender confirmation surgery for senior citizens. Yet Medicare is allowing decisions on a case-by-case basis.
Part 4
The Cultural Power of the Transgender Movement
As I said, people with a medical condition do not constitute a movement. There is no high blood pressure movement or a flatulence movement or an arthritis movement or a psoriasis movement. We begin:
Telling a gender-confused person to transition is like telling someone with bulimia, “Look, we see you’re only 90 pounds and wasting away…but since you still think you’re fat, I guess you could get your stomach stapled if you think it’ll make you feel better.”
“Gender confused?” The author of this BS is confused. And no. Those things are not comparable in any way whatsoever. Most of the remaining content is about James Shupe. A) Shupe is batshit crazy and; B) His experience as a nonbinary person is inapplicable. In September, 2018 Shupe told me that he is no longer transgender but remains nonbinary. More recently Shupe has claimed that it was a sham.

Close to conclusion:
…trans activists are now recommending that children start taking puberty blockers to stop their bodies from naturally producing any hormones beginning around age 8.
That is a lie from ignorance. Eligibility for puberty blockers is based on Tanner staging (stage of puberty). Generally the minor will be at Tanner stage two, around 13 years of age.
One day hormone treatments and sex re-assignment surgeries will be recognized for what they are: the lobotomies of our time. We can now look back and see how insane it was to lobotomize thousands of Americans, but at the time the procedure made sense. Everyone was doing it. Read more about how the current transgender craze is like the lobotomies of yesteryear.
Apparently, absent any evidence that gender dysphoria is being treated improperly, the author uses the crystal ball device. There is a link in there to an anonymous post at The Federalist (where else?) making the crazy comparison.

Tuesday I will take a look at parts 5 and 6. Maybe.

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