Monday, December 9, 2019

AFA's silly boycott seems to have inspired Target Stores

via Target website
Todd Evans is president of Rivendell Media. Evans' job is to place advertisements for the National LGBT Media Association.

Absolut Vodka and Wells Fargo, Evans notes, are among the high-profile corporations that market to the LGBTQ community with creative content that will appeal to LGBTQ consumers and their allies.

Include Target on that list, says Evans in South Florida Gay News. Evans points to Target Stores as an example of a company committed to LGBT-specific marketing and product offerings.

American Family Association's president, Tim Wildmon, orchestrated a boycott of Target in 2016. Over the past three plus years Target has prospered. What Wildmon never seems to understand is the basic arithmetic. An estimated 40% of Americans have an LGBTQ close family member. About 7% of the population (a generous estimate) are conservative Christians who might be influenced by an AFA campaign.

It is quite possible that AFA's campaign has contributed to AFA's revenues. We like to think that Target has a commitment to LGBTQ equality. Perhaps it does. Perhaps that is part of the corporate culture. However, most decisions are made according to a very sober analysis of earnings per share.

American Family Association is an anti-LGBTQ hate group representing the lunatic fringe. Target presumably appreciated the fact that they were dealing with some Mississippi yahoos. Those crackpots are unlikely to influence the policies and operations of a major international retailer.

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