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Blowhard Bill Doesn't Like "Gay Themed Christmas Events"

“Bill Donohue is a bigot. He has found another opportunity to ridicule people that he disapproves of.”
Blowhard Bill Donohue
Blowhard Bill Donohue is obsessed with demeaning LGBTQ people
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Friday, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League is distraught over Gay-Themed Christmas Events Galore. It's really just a pretext for bigoted pontification.

So what if there are gay themed Christmas events? There are gay people of every conceivable religious persuasion. Furthermore, the reality is that there are two Christmases in this country. There is a solemn Christian Christmas. There is also a secular commercial Christmas. After all, Christmas is national holiday unlike any Jewish or Muslim holy day. Bill claims persecution at the hands of contemptible gay people. So what else is new?
We've never heard of gay-themed Hanukkah events, and we sure never heard of gay-themed Ramadan events, but there is a slew of Christmas ones. Maybe that's because the boys like us best.
The royal “we” in the above is really “I.” That aside, Jews constitute about 2% of the population of the United States. Muslims are about half that. Most people would not be aware of gay themed events associated with Jewish and Muslim holidays. In fact most people do not care. I know a thing or two about Hanukkah including its eight gays and nights. This image of two gaydels (dreidels) is always popular:
Dismissing us as “the boys” is just more small-minded invective.  Donohue's provincialism depicts a complete absence of introspection. Donohue believes that he is licensed to smear others in defense of the Catholic Church.

Bill roars:
The Ru Paul [sic] Drag Race show is being performed at various cities across the nation, hoping to bring some good cheer to those tired of normal celebrations. One of their songs is, "All I Want for Christmas is Nudes," something all the queens can identify with.
Bill Donohue doesn't get to use the word queens to refer to gay men. He is not one of us and he know nothing about us; shaping his “wisdom” through stereotypes. Why would RuPaul's song bother Bill and why the hell is he watching RuPaul in the first place?

Bigots seem incapable of referring to gay people without a reference to San Francisco:
San Francisco is the most homosexual-friendly city in the nation, so it is only natural that it would be home to The Golden Girls Live! The Christmas Episodes. It is said to appeal to aging homosexuals, men who are enthralled at the promise of sex after 40.
I didn't get that memo about the Golden Girls. I fail to see how the above is a “gay themed Christmas event” or why it bothers Bill. Bill Donohue is far from expert on what gay men find appealing.
In the heartland of America, Twin Cities Pride magazine is boasting of a Miss Richfield "queer-friendly holiday show." The publication notes that the holiday season is "already pretty queer." How’s that? "First you fist a turkey, Jesus has two dads, you dress the tree in drag—the list goes on." No doubt it does.
So? Saturday Night Live used to feature Hanukkah Harry. I do not recall being offended. How does that show in Minneapolis-St. Paul harm Bill Donohue, or anyone else for that matter?
John Lovitz as Hanukkah Harry
Lifetime Christmas movies have gotten into the act as well. At the end of one film, Twinkle All the Way, two men kiss each other on the lips. Though they were introduced in the flick early on, there was no indication they were homosexuals. Guess they saved the best for last.
Gay men do exist Bill. That is not a “gay-themed Christmas event.” Bill seems shocked or disconcerted that the two gay men weren't identified as gay earlier on. I suppose that we are supposed to wear signs. Pink triangles?
Netflix showed its perverse side by airing The First Temptation of Christ. Aired with English subtitles, this Brazilian short film depicts Jesus in a homosexual relationship. We don't expect that next month, when we celebrate Martin Luther King Day, Netflix will depict the civil rights leader in a homosexual relationship. Muhammad is also safe.
I have not watched it but it is a satirical comedy- and is presented as such. In 2018 Rice University students wrote a satire about Martin Luther King titled “Hey there white people!” South Park did a satire all about Moses, oy veh:
South Park Moses
But Bill is not done:
We did not read about any transgender Christmas events. Maybe in 2020. This could be a transition year.
The above is an attempt at satire. In fact, it would be clever from anyone other than Bill. Bill Donohue is doing precisely what he is complaining about.

Overall, Donohue's complaint lacks substance because it is angst over things that do not bother sane people. It's just pretext.

Bill Donohue is a bigot. He has found another opportunity to ridicule people that he disapproves of. The effort is rather strained.

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