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Heritage Foundation Tees Up Some Anti-LGBTQ Bigotry

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At the Heritage Foundation blog, Virginia Allen interviews Lydia Gutierrez, second grade teacher and chair of the National Education Association Conservative Educators Caucus. I should mention that the NEA recognizes about 65 caucuses — including one for Zumba exercise (go figure). The list includes:
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Allen: If teachers are thinking, “If my student comes to me that is a boy and wants to be called by a girl’s name or by female pronouns or vice versa, what do I do?” And what advice would you give to those teachers and administrators?

Gutierrez: Well, first of all, make sure if they’re in the union, they’re actively involved in the union because they want to make sure they have a voice to be heard. Any policy that we have in education actually would probably be founded in the NEA’s policy. So, first of all, if you’re in the union, please be active and let your voice be heard.

I personally am part of another union besides my local union that does represent my religious beliefs. So I’ve taken the extra steps so that if that question ever comes up, I’m going to say this, “Because of my religious beliefs, I believe the children are born with biological sexes, male and female, and I’ll stand on those.”
The correct answer is to comply with workplace policy. Even employees of government agencies like public schools do not have First Amendment protections for workplace speech (Garcetti v. Ceballos).

More important than the legalities is common decency. A child who expects a gender-affirming name and gender-affirming pronouns isn't a volunteer. They are presumably suffering with gender dysphoria. Dead naming or misgendering that child is exceptionally cruel. The child's condition makes him or her fragile and vulnerable. Some moron who would mistreat a child because of religious beliefs doesn't deserve to be a teacher.

It might shock Ms. Gutierrez but religious belief should not govern every aspect of life. It is never a license to treat other people indecently, particularly children. “WWJD?”

The position of the NEA is unsurprising:
NEA believes that a great public school is a fundamental right of every child - free from intimidation and harassment, and safe for all students, including those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered.

There is only one real issue for educators: We are responsible for our students' safety and education. We must ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to achieve and thrive.
Allen: Do you have any personal experiences in the classroom of having to choose between the values and convictions that you know in your heart and those that you knew that the school district would be asking of you?
… I’ve had transgender, I’ve had different types of parents, and things like that, and all they care about is to know that their children are being respected and cared for and that’s it. It hasn’t been a very strong issue.
A teacher should know that the word transgender is an adjective, not a noun. If Gutierrez really has had a transgender child in her class then she is contradicting her prior statement when she now says that child was respected. She cannot respect a transgender student if she dead-names or misgenders the child.
Allen: Yeah. Let’s shift gears for a moment and talk about sex education in the schools. Sex education has been debated for a long time and what we’re seeing now is it’s increasingly just becoming more and more progressive. What do parents really need to know about what their students are being taught in sex ed classes?
But now when you introduce the lesbian, the gay lifestyle, and things like that to children that they can choose their sex, or they can choose their partner—it doesn’t matter, boy or girl, to relate, it can be a boy, boy or girl, girl—then you open up the door for children to be introduced [to] how to protect themselves if they go in that kind of relationship.
Then … when we’re talking … about the transgender issues and education, you have to realize that you can bring those subjects up in any area. It can be taught in history, it can be taught during reading time. So when you isolate it in the health section, the parent is not really being informed that they can actually teach in any subject area.
This awful woman does not deserve to be teaching. It is impossible to believe that she is respectful of all students. A sexual orientation that she disapproves of is not a “lifestyle.” Transgender children do not “choose” their sex. There is some gibberish but I suppose that she is claiming that children in same-sex relationships need to know how to “protect themselves.” From what, I have no clue. Her grammar is terrible.

Gutierrez is claiming that information about transgender people and their contributions to society is dangerous. Learning about Albert Cashier, an heroic Union soldier who fought in 40 civil war battles and was a transgender man isn't going to harm anyone.
Allen: And along those lines, like you said, there are now LGBTQ history courses sort of that are being taught, or history is being framed and, “Let’s study it from an LGBTQ perspective.” So how can parents be ensuring that the values that they’re trying to teach their kids at home are not being undermined in the classroom?
The problem is the Christian community has not followed that wonderful example of saying, “This is what I will not do.” And by instructing their children to identify and recognize they go against the biblical values is the step forward, and that by that child saying no and that parent confirming that no, then they’re headed in the right direction.
Ms. Allen is equally idiotic. Children are being taught about the contributions of LGBTQ people. Some of these people accomplished great things in spite of being an LGBTQ person. Alan Turning comes to mind. Dr. Turing, a gay man, helped the allies win World War II. In the process he brought the war to a swifter conclusion, saving many lives on both sides. The fact that he was able to persevere is an important lesson that applies to all children.

Ms. Gutierrez is a dedicated imbecile. What on Earth do her biblical values have to do with the historic contributions of LGBTQ people? Was Turing incorrectly credited with being instrumental in defeating the Nazis because he was gay?

Gutierrez might argue that children do not need to know that Turning was gay. More erudite educators have determined otherwise. Aside from the lesson for all about the boundless human spirit, it might cause straight kids to be kinder to LGBTQ kids. I might also boost the ego-strengths of insecure LGBTQ children. Is there something wrong with that?

I am skipping over a vast amount of text. One of Gutierrez's answers to an ambiguous question is thus:
Gutierrez: Well, actually, and to go even deeper than the union, a beautiful book that has been published by the Family Research Council called, what do you call it? The SPLC?
I have no idea what book she is claiming FRC (a hate group) published.
Allen: Mm-hmm.
Gutierrez: If you remember what that definition is—yeah, the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Allen: Oh, I see.
Gutierrez: If you remember, it’s called “Teaching Tolerance.” Yeah. What happens is many of the people in leadership at the NEA level are going to them and they’re giving them the information of what policies we should have in the NEA.
Ms. Gutierrez has difficulty constructing even the simplest of sentences. What the hell is wrong with “Teaching Tolerance?” Shall we teach hatred instead?

I have no clue what this purports to explain:
And when I found that out, I immediately went to our lawyers, of NEA, and I said, “So that means, am I on the hate list because I support them financially? I am a Christian. I have the beliefs that marriage is between a man and a woman.” They go, “Oh, no, no, no, no, no.” So I’ve discovered that the Southern Poverty Law Center is an arm of the NEA.
Needless to say, the SPLC is not an arm of the NEA. This folderol goes on forever. There are many victims of the LGBTQ Agenda and, of course, Common Core is evil (for some strange reason).

Presumably Ms. Gutierrez is employed by the Los Angeles Unified School District; probably Local District South. I am taking steps to contact someone in authority. Public schools have no control over speech that is not workplace related. However, they can be warned of a bigot in their midst.

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