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LGBTQ people are the "indoctrination mob"

“Apparently Scott does not give a Schittl about exposing his outrageous bigotry.”
Scott Schittl
LifeSite Loon Scott Schittl
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I wrote about Hallmark Channel on Thursday. The CEO of the company has said that he is open to offering movies with gay leads. The expected “how dare they?” outrage has ensued. Today, Friday, the folks at LifeSiteNews are so terribly upset that they have taken action.
A LifeSite petition asking Hallmark not to produce LGBT movies for Christmas, or generally, gained more than 25,000 signatures in less than one day.

The petition, which is addressed to Mike Perry, president and CEO of Hallmark, and Don and Dave Hall, chairman and vice chairman, is in response to a recent interview given by a Crown Media Family Networks (owned by Hallmark) executive to the
I don't know how things work for those folks but I can reliably state that my remote controls (I have far too many of the damned things) have many — many — buttons. One of those buttons turns my television on and off. A combination of buttons changes the channel. Other buttons bring up Netflix or Amazon. We all have many choices.

Prior to subjecting people to waterboarding, we are short shackling them in a way that requires them to watch what we select on television. Further torture includes placing the remote controls just out of reach. We select a comedy about a gay couple raising very straight kids. Oh how horrific.

What the bigoted LifeSiteNews is saying is that they don't want certain content available to anyone. They have the balls to substitute their judgment for everyone else. They do not approve of movies with gay characters so no one should be able to watch them.

I hate to point this out to these loons but we do exist. We work, we raise children, we volunteer in our communities and we even go to houses of worship. Pretending otherwise is moronic.

It gets worse. According to the petition:
By not promoting sex and sexuality in its movies, Hallmark allows parents to be the primary educators where sex and sexual morals are concerned.
Promoting? Movies with LGBTQ characters will cause people to choose their sexuality? There is also the suggesting that knowing about the existence of LGBTQ people poses a threat to children. Furthermore, they are suggesting that sexual minorities are immoral. They have used the word “promoting.” They are promoting bigotry.

The piece about the petition was written by the unfortunately named Scott Schittl. He concludes:
As the petition also says, there’s another big reason Hallmark should not cave in to the LGBT indoctrination mob: the LGBT activists will never be satisfied. They will always want Hallmark to be pushing more and more aberrant views and characters. That doesn't sound like a fun Christmas movie at all!
“Indoctrination mob?” That is inflammatory, disrespectful and prejudicial. Apparently Scott does not give a Schittl about exposing his outrageous bigotry. The slippery slope argument that follows is idiotic. The idea that we represent “aberrant views and characters” is offensive and inaccurate.

These people do not have real jobs. There is no diversity at LifeSiteNews. The result is that they live in a bubble and promote disharmony sanctimoniously. Although some of them have gay family members (just like the less self-righteous), they are not subject to accountability. They do not have to respond to — or even read — criticism which is why so many do not have Twitter accounts.

It is like a cult. They are not even mingling with rational Catholics (Catholics on the whole supported marriage equality). They only communicate with each other. They believe that their beliefs represent truth and no amount of evidence will convince them otherwise.

They have no interest in alternate points of view which provides them with the comfort of certitude. No matter how idiotic or crazy their arguments are, they are certainly certain that they are correct.

Well, they are not correct about many things. Perhaps most things.

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