Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Dipshit Review

Not the subject of this post but I own the domain dipshitreview.com. I haven't figured out what to do with it. Yet. But I digress. When it comes to anti-LGBTQ dipshits, Jonathon Van Maren is a frequent flyer. Tuesday's offering is titled: Can the forces of the Sexual Revolution be stopped or will they crush all freedom? That sounds serious indeed. The subtitle?
Politics is downstream from culture, and nearly every day now there’s another story detailing another victory achieved by trans activists against the biological reality of the 'binary.'
Van Maren is hopelessly indoctrinated. Van Maren's truth and reality are determined by religious dogma, the teachings of the Catholic Church. Evidence need not apply. Apparently the “forces of the sexual revolution” that Van Maren disapproves of — the great peril to freedom — is Charlize Theron's adopted transgender daughter.
With her very public endorsement of the idea that a child can choose his or her own gender from a very early age and the accompanying chronicle of her adopted child’s life with Theron being played out in the press, Theron—like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle—can make far more of an impact in her support of this dangerous new ideology.
Hopeless! Van Maren needs a deprogrammer to ever lead a normal, productive life. First of all, he is amateurishly putting words in Ms. Theron's mouth. A child cannot “choose his or her own gender.” Were gender a matter of choice then children would invariably choose to align with their natal sex. Gender dysphoria would not exist and neither would transgender people.

Furthermore, there exists no means of convincing Van Maren that a medical condition is not an ideology. He does not realize how utterly stupid his assertion is. Hopeless dipshit.
…and even she finds it hard to wrap her head around the whole “raising a transgender child” idea, despite the fact that she is an unqualified supporter of the LGBT movement’s view of gender dysphoria (that it should be affirmed and encouraged).
The care of people with gender dysphoria is not defined by an abstract “movement.” This is an issue that has been resolved by medical science. Van Maren has his subject nouns mixed up. No one affirms or encourages gender dysphoria just as no one encourages juvenile diabetes.

Van Maren's suggestion is idiotic. Generally speaking medical science favors affirming the gender identity of gender diverse people. That is the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Van Maren wants to argue with the physicians who comprise the AAP?

I write “generally” because it is dependent upon the severity of the condition which can range from slight discomfort to extreme distress. The kids who are in extreme distress are suffering. Those are the kids that we need to worry about. Gender affirmation relieves the suffering. Unless Jonathon Van Maren has an alternative supported by peer-reviewed research then he should really shut the hell up. He won't. Van Maren is determined to look like a bigoted idiot.

Victims. Of course there are victims!
The 2010s was the decade that the transgender movement came surging onto the scene, accruing massive amounts of power in a very short amount of time. The beginnings of a backlash are starting to manifest, and we will soon find out whether the forces of the Sexual Revolution can be stopped, or whether this revolution will enshrine radical autonomy of every sort into law, crushing inconvenient rights and realities in its path.
It is not a “movement.” Medical science changed over the last few years. Those changes are based on the peer-reviewed research that Mr. Van Maren chooses not to even read let alone consider. The overall percentage of transgender people remains about the same but people are transitioning earlier because that is the healthier course.

I have no fucking clue what any of this has to do with the sexual revolution which took place in the 1960s. The normalization of recreational sex and contraception has some mystical effect on the gender identity of children 50 years later? Hopeless dipshits — the lot of them.

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