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Factually Accurate Information is "Corruption" - LGBTQ People are "Perverts"

William Mahoney
William Mahoney
via Twitter
Anti-LGBTQ hate group, Church Militant is providing a post titled: Republican County Commission Caving to Corruption of Children. The author of this bit of brilliance is “William Mahoney, Ph.D.”

The doctorate is from Adam Mickiewicz University in PoznaƄ (Poland). According to Mahoney's Twitter profile he is an employee of the hate group and resides in Detroit. During 2018 the group (St. Michael's Media) employed 43 people. None of them, including the leader, Michael Voris, made much money.

What has Mahoney terribly distressed is this:
A Planned Parenthood-certified sex educator will present a "teens only" talk where they can ask anything in an "LGBTQIA+ inclusive sex-ed" seminar, and the Republican County Commission is paying for the police presence to ensure parents do not enter.

Bianca Palmisano will present "Straight Talk Sex Ed for Teens" to teenagers Jan. 19 at Lexington Park Library in St. Mary's County, Maryland.
As you might expect, the actual description of the event is a tad different:
Teens have questions about sexual health, whether its birth control, lubricants, STI testing, LGBTQ relationships, or something else completely. This will be an informal workshop where your teen can ask ANY sexual health question you want and get an honest answer.

Parental consent will be required for the teens to attend. The workshop format is "Teens Only", by registering your child you are agreeing to this format. Parents are welcome to wait in the general Library areas, or in the other room were we will be putting on a program about the importance of science-based, LGBTQIA+ inclusive sex-ed.
Note the parental consent. Mr. Mahoney is arrogantly wed to the notion that his judgment is superior to the judgment of the parents of the teens who will attend this event. He thinks that he should decide for everyone else without their consent.

Kids can receive scientifically accurate information from qualified people or they can receive inaccurate (sometimes dangerous) information from other kids.

Mahoney might think that a responsible choice would be information from a possibly celibate priest who believes that gay people are “objectively disordered” and that transgender people do not really exist. No thanks.

Mahoney is apparently baffled by Bianca Palmisano's sexuality which provides a source for argument ad hominem:
Palmisano is the founder of Intimate Health Consulting and has this professional description online:
Bianca Palmisano (she/they) is a sex educator, medical consultant, and the owner ... [who] specializes in training health care providers around issues of sexual health, as well as LGBT, sex worker, and sexual assault survivor competency. In Fall 2018, they [sic] are beginning a Masters of Nursing program at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in Baltimore.
Mahoney thinks that politicians should get involved because the event is at a public library which is in Lexington Park, MD; one of the four locations of the St. Mary's County, MD Library. Mr. Mahoney does not seem to realize that libraries are wholly independent of political influence. Most libraries also depend upon private support. In this case it is Friends of the St. Mary's County Library, in Leonardtown, MD.
"The County Commission, GOP Republicans, have been completely aware of the nefarious activities occurring at the library," Georgia Kijesky, president and founder of Personhood Maryland, told Church Militant.
“Nefarious?” By the way, Personhood Maryland has partnered with another hate group, LifeSiteNews, in efforts to ban Drag Queen Story Hour which is yet another attempt by Defenders of the Faith™ to substitute their judgment for that of parents who bring their children to these events. In any event the County Commission does not control a library.

Ah, but she is not done:
"In 2017, the county commissioners were aware the library had intended to host Bianca Palmisano," said Kijesky.

"In 2019, I let the County Commission know of a library official who wrote an article outlining tips and tricks for librarians to sneak in LGBTQ agenda," she added.

Kijesky also explained there have been two arrests, both involving protestors, in the last two years owing to police surrounding the building during the sexualization of children. The County Commission allotted taxpayer funds for police presence during these LGBTQ events at the library "to ensure that no parent, no adult enters the room." She emphasized:
The awful woman is free to fuck up her own children. In the saner world, parents get to decide certain things pertaining to the information that their kids will receive.

She is also lying about the librarian's agenda. The rules of this event are simple: Parents are not welcome to attend. That is so that the teens can express themselves more freely. The librarians are going to take responsible measures to prevent Christian crackpots from violating the safety of the kids.

Kijesky seems to think that the following makes sense:
They claim that it's for the safety of children but that's insane. If they were really concerned about child safety like they are about tobacco use on library property, they would ban the sexualization of children as well as banning tobacco. They are concerned about children breathing the air and polluting their lungs with tobacco smoke, but they have no concern about perverts polluting the minds of children.
It's crazy talk! Information does not equal sexualization. The parents of attendees get to decide — not her! Teaching kids that LGBTQ people are “perverts” is polluting the minds of children. Mr. Mahoney confirms that they are not all crazed zealots:
In 2017, according to her, one Catholic who works with youth even placed freedom of speech above the safety of children in defense of the presentations.

"While we disagree with the message on sex they plan to present, we do recognize their right to use the library's public meeting room space and their right to free speech," said Rich Olon, minister of religious education and youth ministry at St. John Francis Regis Church.
So now scientifically accurate information about sex, provided with parental consent, compromises the safety of children. The reason that people like Kijesky and Mahoney are the recipients of opprobrium is not their religious beliefs (although they will claim otherwise). They are rightly, and vigorously, criticized for their efforts to impose their religious beliefs on everyone else. In the USA, that is unacceptable. It is constitutionally prohibited.

Gender dysphoria is not contagious but you cannot convince them.

This is the highlighted text:
Oh how terribly outrageous!

Yeah. Parents see a real value in having their children get honest answers to questions about sex in a safe (non-judgmental) environment.

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