Thursday, January 9, 2020

Finally! "A Biblical Response to LGBTQ+ Tyranny"

The staff of First Stone Ministries (Stephen Black is at the far right). The caption reads “First Stone Ministries' Staff Proclaiming Freedom and Change from All Things LGBTQ+.” They look like they need freedom and change from the deep fryer.
It's about time. First Stone Ministries has organized The Second Annual Gathering of God's Voice Conference. It is worth noting that Peter Sprigg relies, in part, on a survey by First Stone Ministries to assert that sexual orientation is a choice. Sprigg calls it “research.”

These good folks like to understate matters:
This year, the gathering seeks to equip Christians to face radical LGBTQ+ activists' growing threats to biblical morality, biological reality and the God-given rights to religious freedom and free speech. From the religious freedom-crushing Equality Act to unconstitutional talk-therapy bans, from shocking Drag Queen Story Hours to indoctrinated children seeking surgical "gender transitions," from radical LGBTQ+ activist pressure at Christian colleges to Big Tech censorship, Christians are facing unprecedented pressure to conform to the demands of this tyrannical movement.
Anyone seeking equal protection is deemed a “radical LGBTQ+ activist.” There does not exist a threat to biblical morality and scribbling in ancient texts does not represent biological reality. Religious freedom is defined in the Constitution as the right to free exercise and freedom of speech is sacrosanct. Conversion therapy bans protect children. Conversion therapy is only promoted because it serves as a pretext for discrimination. Drag Queen Story Hour? Parents get to decide if their children should participate. Christian crackpots don't get to decide for all parents. Children are not candidates for gender confirmation surgery. If there is censorship, it doesn't seem to be working.

Do you have any more bullshit to spread? Of course they do!
Organizer and conference speaker Stephen Black, executive director of First Stone Ministries, says, "Christians must awaken to the growing cultural and legal threats posed by the LGBTQ+ movement if the church is to be prepared to stand against its tyranny and be victorious." GOD'S VOICE Conference 2020 will equip pastors, ministry leaders and individual believers to be courageous in compassion without any compromise, because true compassion never compromises on GOD'S VOICE -- the Word of God -- when it comes to sexual morality."
Who, exactly, is the “radical activist?” Stephen Black is manufacturing an enemy because that is one of the best ways to motivate religious conservatives.

First Stone Ministries, based in Oklahoma City had 2018 revenues just under $300 thousand. The 2017 form 990 was not completed correctly and the numbers suggest that the sanctimonious skim is in. In other words, untaxed personal income.

They have managed to come up with an impressive list of haters to address this gathering. Among them are some names you know:
  • Quentin L. Van Meter (ACPeds)
  • Scott Lively
  • Christopher Doyle
  • Peter LaBarbera aka Porno Pete
  • Joe Dallas
  • Everett Piper

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